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This fall, RISD CE online courses offer adult students a range of courses for all skill levels that can be taken at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world. Our online certificate programs are designed for adults looking to accelerate their creative lives and work, and join a community of certificate program graduates. Subjects include:
We are also offering a new series in Entrepreneurship in Art and Design for adult learners that upskills students and practicing artists to develop their business ideas, studio practice, and freelancing. Choose from courses such as How to Launch Your Own Art and Design Business or How to Market Yourself as a Creative Freelancer.
RISD’s Advanced Program Online is a year-round pre-collegiate program designed for high school students interested in pursuing art and design in college. This online intensive offers an online certificate program for changemakers who want to develop their art practice, learn new ways to collaborate, and create a future they’re excited about. Enrollment is now open for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 sessions.
Our online classes for youth ages 13 to 17 allow students to grow creatively as they develop and refine their artistic abilities. Led by visual artists, designers, and educators, these programs journey into the artistic process where the emphasis is on thinking, designing, communicating, and creating.
Fall term starts Sept 12, 2022, and many online courses fill quickly, so register today! Enroll by August 23 to save 10% with the code EARLYBIRDCE.
Browse online courses at Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education or register for RISD’s Advanced Program Online year-round intensive.
“Our bodies are not that cheap,” said one Iraqi artist who signed an open letter to the biennale’s curators.
Museums will have to install “prominently placed” placards alongside the works, according to a new suite of laws signed by Governor Kathy Hochul.
The Brooklyn organization is now accepting new project inquiries for its fee-based fabrication services in printmaking, ceramics, and large-scale public art.
Scientists borrowed the ecological “unseen species” model to estimate how many works of medieval European literature have gone extinct.
As bodily autonomy and workers’ rights remain under constant and often intertwined threat, The Work of Love, the Queer of Labor reminds us of what is still at stake.
Photographers Antony Armstrong Jones, Milt Hinton, Chuck Stewart, Barbara Morgan, and more capture a breadth of legendary and local musicians and performance artists. On view through August 21.
The emphasis in Semmel’s retrospective Skin in the Game is on the various points of view she has taken on herself — and, briefly, on others too.
The artist and former SWAIA chief operating officer and executive director has found a stable of dedicated collectors and a close-knit community at Santa Fe Indian Market.
Art and photographs, publications from the 19th and 20th centuries, manuscripts, posters and more are set to cross the auction block on August 18.
Each voice in This Long Thread intersects to reveal the collective chronicles, struggles, and triumphs of women of color in today’s craft landscape.
Works by the Abeyta family of artists encourage thinking beyond activism and legislation as a means for political progress.
Despite faithfully recreating the story of the beloved comic book series, the TV show lacks the verve of the original.
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