Top 5 African Cities With The Most Developed Startup Ecosystems 2022 – Tekedia

Often, entrepreneurs have advised that a business location plays an active role in determining if it will succeed or not. I.e picking the right country/city can mean the difference between success and failure as ecosystems have been described as a major opportunities for businesses today.
Startup ecosystems are emerging in all corners of the world, as ambitious founders and creative startups are keen to find unique ways to find a great product-market, fit to solve a large percentage of the world’s problems.
However, innovative ideas can only amount to success within an ecosystem that is built to aid and nurture them, which implies that entrepreneurs need supportive environments with the most developed ecosystems to launch their startups.
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A global startup ecosystem map and research center, Startupblink published its 2022 Global rankings of the most startup-friendly cities in the world. During its research, the center collates data from more than 60,000 startups and measures ecosystems based on the number of startups (quantity), quality, and their business environment.
According to the rankings, only one city in Africa, which is Lagos made it into the global top 100 rankings, making it the only African city ever to reach this rank.
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