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These environmentally friendly messages are perfect for April 22.
Earth has long challenged human minds to observe and reflect. Just by our mere inspection of our planet, we gain important knowledge of science and of ourselves. And it’s safe to say that nature has a powerful way of teaching us wisdom and healing us.
But the planet is also truthful about consequences. Accountability is a part of humanity, and our actions have an impact on living things. The more knowledge we have, the better choices we make in our actions.
That’s why

Earth Day (April 22) is so important. It’s a time to remind us that the environment we live in, while bold and strong, also requires a lot of protection. There are many environmental issues that the world is facing right now, and there’s a big push for humans to change our lifestyles for the benefit of the planet — and each other.
In addition to taking the steps towards more sustainable living, share one of these powerful Earth Day quotes on social media or with friends and family in person to show your commitment to a greener future.

earth day concept with tropical forest background, natural sence with canopy tree in the wild

you can never see a plant grow but they do by carol plum ucci

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