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Throughout August Warwickshire County Council (WCC) is encouraging residents to take steps to ‘live well’.
From improving your health and wellbeing, finding out how assistive technology can improve your life, through to learning something new, there is a variety of support available for Warwickshire residents.
WCC’s Adult and Community Learning Service (WACL) provides an adult learning service and encourages residents to learn a new skill. They offer formal and informal learning programmes to adults aged 19+ across Warwickshire, in over 30 inclusive learning environments in a wide range of community venues.
Courses offered include English, Maths, English a second language (ESOL), computer skills, languages and arts and crafts as well as tailored courses for adults with learning difficulties. Family Learning activities are also offered to parents and their children, with many of these activities organised through primary schools.
WACL provide an opportunity for residents to realise their potential, even if they may not have had the most positive experiences of learning in the past. They enable participation and remove barriers to learning, including for adults who might otherwise be disadvantaged because of learning or language needs, vulnerability, isolation, or digital exclusion. They offer support to learners, so that they can grow in confidence, build on existing knowledge, develop skills, try new experiences, meet new people, or find a job. They listen to learners and work with them to develop high quality services that meet each learners needs and requirements, respond to how they want to learn, and enable them to develop the skills that employers are looking for.
Lucy, who has been taking a Maths course to help her get to her goal of becoming an accountant, said: “Don’t worry you might not understand something. The tutors are happy to take you along in little steps at a pace that suits you, and they will help if you can’t do the homework, or you just don’t get it. Have your long-term goal in sight but break the journey down so you feel you are getting there. And don’t give up!”
Ishir started his journey with WACL on a Microsoft Office course and then enrolled onto a digital gateway to work course. Ishir said: “I would tell anyone considering a return to education to keep an open mind, go at your own pace, and ask for advice if you need it. Set yourself a goal and keep that goal in mind. If your motivation does dip, embrace it!”
A former nurse and baker, Vera has always enjoyed studying, and says there is always time to learn something new. Her top tips are to: “Listen a lot, and be open to accepting help! Confidence will come with time. My tutor and I are a good team, we work well together. She is wonderful – her attitude is incredible. She is so kind. She helped me through some difficult times.”
Cllr Kam Kaur, Portfolio Holder for Education said: “Warwickshire Adult Community Learning allows learners to be able to invest in themselves through learning new skills or refreshing old ones. Their new skills can help them change their career paths and help their children with their homework. It is fantastic to hear such positive feedback from learners and to find out how they have been using their new skills. If you’ve been thinking about learning a new skill or taking a course, don’t hesitate and sign up today!”
WACLS courses run across the county, with some taking place online. Some of the courses are free to learners and some have fees, but most are free to those in receipt of means-tested benefits.
You can enrol or apply for courses online, but if you would prefer to do that in person, or would like to speak to a member of the team first, WACL are running open days from 1pm to 7pm at the following venues:
Warwickshire Adult Community Learning September 2022 – July 2023 brochure.
More information about Warwickshire Adult Community Learning and the courses available.
Find out more about ‘Living Well’ in Warwickshire.
Published: 12th August 2022
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