Japan wan make dia youth shayo more to boost economy – BBC

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By Malu Cursino
BBC News
Japan authorities no like say dia young adults dey sober.
Di younger generation no dey shack alcohol like dia parents and dat one don affect taxes wey dem dey put for booze like sake (rice wine).
So di national tax agency don chook head inside as dem don make am national competition for pipo to create ideas on how to make more pipo drink.
Di "Sake Viva!" campaign na contest wey ask 20 to 39 year olds to share business idea wey go ginger increase in demand by dia fellow young pipo for alcohol weda na for Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey, beer or wine.
Di group wey dey run di competition for di tax authority say dis new habit of not drinking na behaviour from Covid pandemic and sake of di older population.
Dem want contestants make dem come up with with plans for promotions, branding and even with artificial intelligence.
Pipo dey divided ova di campaign, according to Japan tori pipo. Some call out di plan to promote unhealthy habits.
But odas don dey post funny ideas online using famous actresses to perform as VR hostess for digital clubs.
Contestants get till di end of September to bring ideas. Sabi pipo go help develop di best ideas before di final proposals comot for November.
Di campaign website say Japan alcohol market dey drop and one of di most ogbonge reasons na sake of di kontri older population and di dropping birth rates.
Recent numbers from di tax agency show say, pipo drink less for 2020 than for 1995. as numbers from 100 litres (22 gallons) a year to 75 litres (16 gallons).
Taxes from alcohol don also drop over time. According to di Japan Times newspaper, e bin make up to 5% of total income for 1980 but for 2020, e only make 1.7%.
Di World Bank estimate say about 29% of Japan Population dey 65 years and older and na di highest for world be dat.
Di fear no be only say, sake no go make money for di Japan economy, worry also dey about weda young pipo go dey to some kain work and also care for old pipo for future.
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