‘The behavioural shift during the pandemic is teachers' adoption of technology’ – 15 quotes from India’s COVID – YourStory

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The onset of COVID-19 brought the issue of ‘migrant workers’ into sharp focus, highlighting the need for a new paradigm of livelihood opportunities in our rural areas. Pearl Tiwari, Ambuja Cement Foundation
The pandemic has brought focus on opportunities for youth like turning frontline workers — paramedics, nursing, and ASHA workers for the healthcare sector, starting businesses for sales, good and home-based services, or even ecommerce. – Pearl Tiwari, Ambuja Cement Foundation
The pandemic was also a tough period for us as the perfume category was the one that people sought when shopping for essentials. – Aditya Vikram Daga, Purpos Planet
The pandemic also forced us to streamline a lot of administrative operations as we had to work within restrictions, and we became more efficient at managing operations remotely. – Kavya Krishnamurthy, Veekes & Company
People have realised the importance of health post COVID-19; so producing health products is definitely on the cards. – Harak Soni, Navalprabha Foods
This switch to remote working and optimising and streamlining is perhaps the only good thing to have come out of the pandemic. – Kavya Krishnamurthy, Veekes & Company
The pandemic has however brought [gender discrimination] to the forefront of our awareness in a way that you cannot ignore anymore. – Debasmita Sinha, Manah Wellness
Hybrid working has become a forced norm, however, the pressure to be visible always and prove one’s dedication to working has taken a toll, especially on women. – Debasmita Sinha, Manah Wellness
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The pandemic further propelled SMBs to explore new online models to thrive in their day-to-day business. However, it also exposed vulnerabilities in the industry and disrupted the entire retail supply chain. – Koteshwar LN, Flipkart
The COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide lockdowns, and the limitation imposed by Section 3(k) of the Indian Patents Act (which prohibits patenting algorithms and computer programs), have impacted patent-filing in Big Data analytics. – Anant Kataria, Sagacious
While the education industry was the strongest beneficiaries during the pandemic, the threat of growth stalemate has forced many to hold back on hiring. – Prashant Janadri, Taskmo
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