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The Small Business Enterprise Program offers small businesses another avenue to maximize their opportunities of doing business with TxDOT. The program applies to highway construction and maintenance projects that are funded entirely by state or local funds. The SBE Program is a TxDOT program authorized by 43 Texas Administrative Code §9.300.

Businesses interested in pursuing an SBE certification must meet the U.S. Small Business Administration size standards and submit a completed application by applying online at Diversity Management System.
A Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certified in Texas is not required to submit an application to become SBE certified. However, the firm must submit a request to the TxDOT Civil Rights Division to be listed as an SBE in the Texas Unified Certification Program Directory.

SBE certification is valid for three years from the date of initial certification. TxDOT will notify you of upcoming renewals and it is the firm’s responsibility to ensure that the information in the TUCP Directory is correct. The SBE renewal application should be submitted online through DMS.
For more information concerning certification or renewal applications, please contact the Civil Rights Division.


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