Education Ministry Demands Tel Aviv Municipality to Take Down School Maps That Show 1967 Borders – Israel News – Haaretz

In a letter from the of the Education Ministry, director general says 'publishing these maps contradicts educational principles'
Israel’s Education Ministry demanded on Wednesday that the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality remove maps it sent showing the Green Line and only use official maps of Israel, which do not demarcate the boundaries.
The maps have been hung in about 2,000 classrooms throughout the city in recent days, despite the opposition from the ministry. “Publishing these maps has the purpose of taking a certain political position or promoting an agenda, which contradicts the educational principles,” wrote Dalit Stauber, the director general of the Education Ministry, in a letter sent to Shirley Rimon who is the Head of Education Administration for the municipality.
The kit the municipality sent to schools contains three maps – a map of Tel Aviv-Jaffa; a map of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip that shows both the Green Line and Israel’s current political borders (which aren’t identical); and a map of the eastern Mediterranean Basin. The middle map also shows the areas transferred to Palestinian Authority control under the Oslo Accords. Arab schools received the same three maps in Arabic.

The city began preparing the maps two years ago at the initiative of Deputy Mayor Chen Arieli, along with Rimon.
“Instead of censoring reality, the map allows it to be discussed,” Arieli said. “To raise active citizens, they have to understand the region – which includes the Green Line.” The map, she added, “will enable students to better understand the reality we live in; that should be in everyone’s interest.”
“It’s important to us that students know Israel’s sovereign borders and the complex reality in areas where Jewish citizens of Israel and Arabs under the Palestinian Authority’s control live side by side,” Mayor Ron Huldai wrote in a letter to school principals. He said that familiarity with “the state, its landscapes and its borders is essential for producing an involved citizen,” and the map should be used as a “necessary accessory in almost every subject in the curriculum,” including history, geography, language arts and current events.
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