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The Iboga plant has been used for tribal rituals in West Africa for millenia. While the highly toxic root causes days-long hallucinations, it may also be the answer to a problem plaguing modern society. Today, Iboga and its ingredient ibogaine are being closely studied as a potential cure for drug addiction.
EU’s Von der Leyen Pledges Liquidity Help for Power Producers
Macron Backs EU-Wide Windfall Tax on Energy Company Profits
UK’s Crypto Future in Limbo as Truss Wins Prime Minister Race
Homebuilders Merge Amid Signs of Cooling Market: The London Rush
Volkswagen Says Porsche Listing Is on Track as Planned
PMI Weighs Lowering Swedish Match Acceptance Threshold
China Says US Hacked Aeronautics, Space Research University
Claim of TikTok Breach Spotlights Viral App’s Lure as Target
EU Says It’s Less Confident About Closing Iran Nuclear Deal
Russia Privately Warns of Deep and Prolonged Economic Damage
UBS Growth Plans in US Dented After Wealthfront Deal Fails
Credit Suisse Trust ‘Failed Basic Duty,’ Says Billionaire Client
Farrell And Gleeson Reunite With Martin McDonagh in Venice
In Venice, Harry Styles Talks Acting, Music And Fans
A Surging Dollar Is a Mixed Blessing for the US
Women and People of Color Can’t Afford to ‘Quiet Quit’
So Long to Anthony Fauci, Unlikely Avatar of Polarization
Startup Wants to Chart Path to More Equitable Urban Development
The ESG Crown Is Slipping, and It’s Mostly the Fund Industry’s Own Fault
A New Contaminant Found in Popular Drugs Could Cost Big Pharma Millions
Chicago Receives Another 50 Migrants Sent By Bus From Texas
Arsenic Found in Tap Water of NYC Public Housing Complex
Serena Williams Forever Changed How Brands See Female Athletes
California Power Use Soars to Highest in Years During Record Heat
Switzerland’s Glaciers Are Becoming a Front-Row Seat to Climate Destruction
Urban Migration Slows in 2022 for Many Major US Cities
Stockholm’s ‘Housing for All’ Is Now Just for the Few
A Ring of Empty Pedestals Marks the Lack of Women in Copenhagen’s Public Art
Bitcoin Finds Relief From a Past Record High in 2017
Bitcoin Loses Momentum on Weekend With Support Around 2017 High
Nigeria, Binance in Talks for Digital City to Develop Blockchain


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