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We all love learning about new things by reading books, doing research or even taking general knowledge quizzes online. What is a better way to keep yourself busy on the weekend, by using your mobile and taking part in online quizzes to enhance your knowledge? Virtual quizzes seem to be the top choice for everyone out there who is trying to keep themselves engaged. So, here we are, in this article we will be listing out some amazing general knowledge questions with answers. 
Answer: 675 meters
Answer: Hafeez Jalandhari
Answer: 49 words
Answer: Rahbar
Answer: In 1935
Answer: 1893
Answer: August 1920
Answer: Humpback whales
Answer: Portugal
Answer: Roscomos
Answer: Russia
Answer: 118
Answer: In 1955
Answer: Leonardo da Vinci 
Answer: Krone
Answer: Emperor Hirohito
Answer: 1 time
Answer: Greenland
Answer: Ghizer
Answer: 25 November
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