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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ programme, in New Delhi. | Photo Credit: PTI
The National Education Policy (NEP), with its emphasis on skills and not just knowledge, is essential to create the new India of the 21st century, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday.
In the fifth edition of ‘ Pariksha pe Charcha’, a pre-exam interaction with students, teachers and parents, Mr. Modi said that a 20th century education and mindset could not be allowed to determine India’s development trajectory moving forward into the 21st century. “If we do not evolve with changing systems, then we will be left behind and regress,” he warned, in response to a query on how the new policy would empower students and society. The NEP encouraged flexibility in subjects and allowed students to follow their passion, as well as emphasised skill-based learning rather than theoretical knowledge only, he added.
According to the Education Ministry, over 12 lakh students, almost three lakh teachers and almost a lakh parents registered for creative writing competitions prior to the event, with some winners invited to participate directly and ask the Prime Minister questions in person or via an online interaction. Due to COVID-19, the last two editions of the event have been held online only.
Given the pandemic’s disruption of physical classes, online education was the focus of several queries, with some students and a teacher expressing worries about social media distractions. Mr. Modi urged students to embrace new and evolving technologies in education as an opportunity, rather than a challenge. “It is not the medium, but the mind which is the problem,” he said, noting that offline distractions were also available. He added that concepts learnt online needed to be put into practice in the offline world.
The Prime Minister offered tips on exam preparation and motivation, as well as how to manage stress and parental expectations. He urged students to consider examinations as part of the festival season rather than a time of stress, noting that a well-informed and educated mind was more important than exam scores.
In response to a question about rural girls, Mr. Modi stressed that no society could improve without ensuring proper education of girls and noted that India has come a long way from the days when only boys were educated. There are a record number of women Members of Parliament in this 75th year of independence, he noted, adding that opportunities for and empowerment of girls need to be institutionalised.

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