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Since 2017, Nucamp has provided high-quality, affordable coding bootcamps, making software development education accessible to everyone. Nucamp graduates have access to 1:1 career coaching, a career development course, and nationwide job boards through Nucamp’s Career Services Program. In keeping with Nucamp’s commitment to the success of each student, the new Job Hunting Bootcamp takes the preparation for a job search to the next level.
With the Job Hunting Bootcamp, Nucamp is opening enrollment to anyone seeking extra help in securing their first coding job, and any mid-level developers who may not have gone through a technical interview in a long time. All are welcome: Nucamp or other coding bootcamp graduates, computer science grads, self-taught developers, and experienced software engineers. The bootcamp is technology agnostic, so the lessons on preparing for coding tests, whiteboard design sessions, and algorithm interviews are relevant regardless of a student’s programming language and framework knowledge.
Software Engineers are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for these types of technical jobs is projected to grow by 22% through 2030. The job market is booming for candidates with coding skills. The competition for these jobs is high, the interview process is intense, and hiring managers have stacks of resumes that on average they review for five seconds before they decide if they’re interested or not. To get noticed, each candidate must present as a polished and qualified developer.
Over the course of four weeks, the Job Hunting Bootcamp will cover four essential job search preparation categories.

The format of the Job Hunting Bootcamp follows the same format as all Nucamp coding bootcamps. They are online, part-time, with a flexible schedule. Students are provided the learning material at the beginning of the week, so they can study at their own pace. Then on Saturday morning, the full class meets for four hours to review the material, work on the exercises, and receive peer and instructor review and feedback. Nucamp’s instructors are part-time employees. They work in the industry that they teach, so students have access to mentors who have current real-world expertise.
Job search services can be quite expensive. Resume writing services alone can range from $100 to $400. charges $129 for their professional resume services. The price increases to $349 to add a cover letter and a LinkedIn makeover. Interview Coaching Services start at $100/hour.
Nucamp’s 4-week Job Hunting Bootcamp is affordable at $458, which can be paid in two $229 payments. The comprehensive course covers the most important skills software developers need to be successful throughout the entire job search process—starting with a polished resume all the way to negotiating and accepting a job offer. They’ll approach every aspect of their job search prepared and confident.
It's an exciting time to be a software engineer. The outlook is great to embark on a job search in such a vibrant market. The goal of landing that dream job is attainable. But resumes still need to stand out. First impression must be solid. Candidates must be able to prove they’re qualified for the job by acing the interviews. This takes a lot of preparation. Upon completing Nucamp’s Job Hunting Bootcamp, students will know exactly what to do to prepare, and will be well on their way to having many of these requirements completed.
72% of Nucamp coding bootcamp graduates are using their tech skills in their jobs or on side projects after 6 months. 78% are using their tech skills after 9 months. And these numbers are expected to grow for students who complete the Job Hunting Bootcamp.
Every Nucamp student made the brave decision to learn a new skill and to start a new career.
They took the leap. Nucamp wants to make sure they land on their feet.
To learn more about the new Job Hunting Bootcamp, click here, or visit:
About Nucamp:
Mission-driven Nucamp has been making top-tier coding instruction available to and affordable for everyone since 2017. Nucamp offers the industry's only truly affordable 22-week full-stack web and mobile development coding bootcamp for under $2,500. It delivers a high-quality curriculum using a unique hybrid evening and weekend format in small classes of no more than 15 students. Nucamp further distinguishes its bootcamps by the talent of its instructors, who teach part-time while working in the industry. They bring topic-specific expertise and front-line knowledge into the classroom to ensure the coursework content is highly relevant. For more details, visit
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