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Pope Francis on Monday made good on a promise to apologize to Canada’s native people on their home land for the Church’s role in schools where indigenous children were abused, branding forced cultural assimilation “evil” and a “disastrous error”. Here are some reactions to Pope’s apology.
ELMER ST. PIERRE, NATIONAL CHIEF, CONGRESS OF ABORIGINAL PEOPLES “This a significant first step towards reconciliation and acknowledging the intergenerational trauma residential schools have had on indigenous peoples across Turtle Island. After failed attempts and a lack of will, it’s time the Catholic church make the investments needed to help ensure individuals and communities can heal. It’s time the Catholic church open its record books and help uncover the truths behind residential schools and identify the countless children who never returned home. The symbolic gesture of an apology is appreciated and an important first step, but the Catholic church must now focus on reparations and action to ensure reconciliation can be achieved.
JASON KENNEY, PREMIER OF ALBERTA “This historic apology by Pope Francis today at Maskwacis builds upon decades of truth and reconciliation efforts. It represents a truly historic moment in confronting the dark history of residential schools and Alberta is honoured to have it take place here.”
“The government policy of residential schools, in which the churches participated, created deep wounds that are not easily or quickly healed. Yet we saw at Maskwacis both the resilience of Indigenous Peoples in preserving their culture, as well as the goodwill of Catholics and other Canadians to both truth and reconciliation. “Albertans are committed to partnership with Indigenous Peoples for the flourishing of their communities. The presence of Pope Francis in our province invites us to renew that commitment in light of his encouragement to heal the wounds of the past. The Holy Father’s wise words remind us that such healing cannot only be a matter of policies and programs, but must draw upon the deep spiritual resources of Indigenous and Catholic communities in Alberta. I encourage all Albertans to join Indigenous Peoples in those prayers today.”
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