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– Cape Town's start-up scene is currently worth R48,25 billion.
– Small and medium enterprises contribute 39% to the national Gross Domestic Product.
Have you got a great business idea, but lack the know-how to get it off the ground?
The City of Cape Town is reaching out to entrepreneurs who believe they have feasible and potentially profitable business ideas.
In this regard, the city invites budding local entrepreneurs to partake in a series of free business workshops.
Cape Town's start-up scene is currently worth R48,25 billion.
The City's Mayco member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, James Vos said small and medium enterprises are vital to economic growth, opportunity and innovation in South Africa:
Small and medium enterprises absorb between 50-60% of the country's workforce and contribute 39% to the national GDP.
He added that "more entrepreneurs are moving from elsewhere in the country and setting up shop here because of the strong support systems the city has put in place".
The online courses will cover a range of subjects including tendering, costing and pricing as well as business improvement strategies.
To sign up for workshops, go to https://www.investcapetown.com/news-events/business-events/
For data-free access to the virtual sessions, attendees can use the SmartCape services in public libraries or go to one of the 100 City-run buildings in the metro with free Wi-Fi access. Find out more here: https://www.capetown.gov.za/local%20and%20communities/get-online/Public-Wifi-Zones/public-wifi-across-the-city
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