Karnataka school students fall ill after consuming half-cooked food. Read here – Mint

The students complained of stomach ache and vomiting after having half-cooked mid-day meals in Karnataka school
After having half-cooked mid-day meals, 58 students took ill in the government school of Karnataka. The incident occurred in Amingarh Village of Maski Tehsil. The education officials stated that 35 girls and 23 boys were admitted to the hospital after they complained of stomach aches and vomiting.
“Only three had the problem and others were stable. But due to panic, they too got admitted. They are now under observation,” the officer said. An inquiry has been initiated into the matter, he added.

Karnataka Minister comments to allow Ganesha festival in school draws flak

A section of the Muslim community has criticized Karnataka Education Minister B C Nagesh’s remarks about allowing Ganesha Chathurthi celebrations in state schools.
“There is the freedom to celebrate the Ganesha festival in schools. We will not say no to those who want to do it (celebrate) for the first time. This is only a system to unite society. They can take our permission for it,” the minister said according to news agency PTI.
SDPI District Working Committee member, Umar Farukh targeted the government on the comments of the minister. “When Hijab was not allowed inside educational institutions, why a Hindu festival is being permitted? Religion is a personal issue,” he said. When the Education Minister is allowing religious event of a particular community, then he is duty-bound to allow others too,” he said.
With Inputs from PTI.
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