Kartik Sharma, Indian Entrepreneur is Helping SaaS Businesses get their First Customers – Deccan Herald

Last year was a tough time for a lot of businesses around the world. Many offline businesses had to close shop because of no foot-fall and lockdown restrictions. Contrary to other businesses, Online Businesses saw a sharp increase in customers because of growing demand in online connectivity and increasing use of online software tools.
SaaS which is an acronym for Software as a Service has been one of those businesses that have seen huge growth during pandemic times. Mainly because the dependency on online software systems has increased since people are moving away from offline models. It becomes imminent that all the data & business processes have to be moved online in order for businesses to sustain and thrive.
In India too there are many companies who offer SaaS products but they don’t get enough traction among their target audience outside. Kartik Sharma, who comes from a Marketing-Technology Background came across this common problem while talking to many Indian SaaS Founders. This led to the birth of SaaSLaunchpad which is a 360-Degree SaaS Growth & Marketing Company.
SaaSLaunchpad which was officially launched in May 2021, saw a huge traction with their first launch. In their first ever partner launch in June 2021 they were able to raise over $350k for their Product Partners WooFunnels, a product by Wisetr Inc.
Raising money directly from customers similar to crowdsourced campaigns is an innovative approach in SaaS space. SaaSLaunchpad helps its partners grow by building customer acquisition funnels for them and setting up a strong affiliate and influencer network for promotion. The whole Launch campaign is managed by the SaaSLaunchpad team so the Founders feel more at home and are able to form a connect with audience.
The Launch Campaign for SaaS partners involve Interview Webinars, video reviews by affiliate partners and viral giveaway campaign all managed by the SaaSLaunchpad team. With the Launch campaign SaaSLaunchpad helps the SaaS Products build a tribe of Super fans & Early Adopters who play a pivotal role in finding the Product-Market Fit. 
SaaSLaunchpad seems to be a very unique initiative which is helping startups find new customers through unconventional marketing channels. They seem to be doing well on social media where people love interacting with brands. Their videos, interviews and giveaways create buzz about the startup and help convert leads into paying users. The company claims that most of their clients come via referrals rather than advertising.
They also claim that 90% of their clients are repeat buyers. So if you want to start your own SaaS Startup or already running one then it’s worth checking out what SaaSLaunchpad can do for you.
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