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MCATs, India’s fastest-growing startup accelerator, announces the next D2C batch of selected startups for the Thrive Accelerator Cohort Programme. Accelerator believes there has never been a better time to boost his D2C economy in India, with his users online in the country surpassing 760 million. D2C startups accepted into the cohort program will be guided to refine their products for market viability and achieve maximum economic and social impact in India and globally. Finalists are shortlisted from over 500 submissions from various Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities following a rigorous selection process.
And when it comes to the D2C ecosystem, the sector is experiencing significant growth due to factors such as the growing number of first-time internet users and changing consumer expectations. These factors have changed the landscape with the emergence of a new era of digital-first brands. The D2C industry has grown exponentially during the pandemic when most sectors experienced a slump. Commenting on this increase, Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO of Marwari Catalysts said: And one of the biggest factors for the growth of D2C brands in India is rapid digitization.
This 10-week program will open the door for shortlisted startups to gain domain-specific insights from industry thought leaders and practitioners, accelerating their journey to Product/Market Fit. The founding members of Marwari Catalysts firmly believe that India is on track to become the world’s largest startup hub, and with Indian unicorns being announced almost every week, the continued momentum of the Indian startup ecosystem is Very powerful.
Also because of the nation’s high population, India will always be a D2C brand and we are contributing our part by supporting D2C startups with differential offerings and efficient user experience.” Further adding on the announcement, Sushil says, “With our accelerator program, Thrive, we are constantly working towards supporting brands that will make a difference in our D2C startup ecosystem. The selected startup founders reflect some of the most innovative business ideas, driven by passionate teams and we are thrilled to work with them”.
Commenting on the announcement, Raunak Singhvi, Co-founder at Marwari Catalysts & Head – Thrive says, “We got to review so many different applications, each idea was unique, and everyone has potential but it is always a hard choice to narrow it down to a limited few.
Extremely delighted while sharing this news, Devesh Rakhecha, Founder & Director, Marwari Catalysts says, “It’s inspiring to witness the undeterred entrepreneurial spirit of the founders that we are engaged with. With the right resources, pedigree, experience, and network, the team at Marwari Catalysts is all set to enable early-stage digital-first brands to thrive in highly competitive scenarios. The new idea is to allow this selective cohort of brands to unleash their innovative minds to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and eventually accelerate their growth.”
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