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Artificial intelligence has become a significant force in technology and innovation, drastically altering various industries. Startups worldwide are utilizing AI to address issues and improve the quality of our daily lives. This article covers some of the most intriguing AI-based startups founded in South Korea.
As a result of their belief that software stacks placed between their silicon and algorithms may provide adequate abstract layers, AI chip engineers frequently ignore the requirements and more advanced deep learning features. Rebellions Inc. is creating AI accelerators by bridging the gap between deep learning algorithms and underlying silicon architectures. They re-architect AI processors to incorporate complex deep learning features through silicon-dedicated DL kernels, pushing algorithm bounds to use silicon resources better. It can be used in energy systems, cloud servers, autonomous vehicles, and financial trading.
Today’s education is at a crossroads where outdated methods fail, and fresh ideas are badly needed. With its validated AIEd technology and company, Riiid fills the gap. The business offers K–12 education, postsecondary education, and corporate training solutions. Riiid’s patented AI technology, built on cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, analyzes user data and content, forecasts performance and behavior, and instantly proposes personalized learning materials to assist users in maximizing their learning potential. Since Riiid’s technology is very scalable, it can be used across various industries.
Most people fail to get above-average returns on their investments consistently. To increase the likelihood that investors would receive good returns, Qraft developed an AI designed explicitly for investments. It offers tools for Robo advisors, pair trading, trade execution, risk management, insurance, operational risk management, an ETF operating system, and deep learning solutions to aid the organization and integration of client data. Their AI Studio platform lowers the entry barriers for utilizing artificial intelligence to guide investment decisions while enabling asset and wealth managers to create and implement new strategies more successfully.
Kakao offers a cloud-based AI platform for managing businesses. Additionally, it provides an AI chatbot that unites the processes of inquiry, reservation, and payment in a single channel. Real-time use messages, a visual engine for comprehending information hidden in photos, and real-time video streaming are just a few of the features. The company develops existing businesses more rapidly and actively collaborates with business partners to create new growth engines by leveraging their extensive technology and service knowledge.
Many AI research organizations have long struggled to find the correct data. By offering clients a variety of high-quality data to create more intelligent AI, Selectstar hopes to solve this problem. It provides cutting-edge mathematical algorithms-based advanced crowdsourcing technology. It enables users to categorize and validate the raw data after collecting photos, audio, videos, and texts from various sources. Its features include tools for labeling solutions such as object and line segmentation, classification, transcription, editing, and comparison.
Humans and technology are constantly interacting in the current scenario. A shift in perspective is necessary in a modern world oriented on people and technology. DeepBrain provides AI video synthesis products that use artificial intelligence to build lifelike human-based AI avatars that assist users in real-time interactions and provide information. Their artificial intelligence avatars are created from real people, using their authentic voices, physical characteristics, gestures, and regional languages. The solutions are employed in various industries, including finance, education, retail, and business.
Greenlabs sustainably innovates the food supply chain. It provides comprehensive data solutions for farm management through an all-in-one service from production to distribution. It provides a cloud-based farm management system with AI. One of its characteristics is the Growth Environment Optimization Engine, which examines the data and determines the ideal environment for crop growth. The business is leading the AgTech digitization and driving digital innovation in agriculture to open up new prospects.
Mathpresso implements inexpensive, personalized education accessible anytime, anywhere with AI technology, enabling effective education to be experienced by everyone worldwide. It provides help with maths homework. Students can take images of the problem and receive solutions and explanations. Additionally, it enables the search for answers to already solved problems. The Qanda app, which is presently utilized by more than 60 Million students worldwide, can be downloaded by students to use this technology.
Standigm is a workflow artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery startup redefining the drug discovery process. Their workflow AI technology delivers beneficial insights for each phase to build commercially valuable medications from in-house and partnership initiatives, from tailored target identification through lead generation. The business has created a first-in-class lead compound generation workflow for early-stage drug research within seven months.
Asset management is a challenging process that can get easier with the help of AI. Fount is an app-based platform for robo advisory services. It includes AI-powered investment algorithms built on market research and backtesting. It offers data analysis, reporting, portfolio optimization, and rebalancing. It is handy to get asset management at a cheaper cost because the algorithm handles a substantial portion of the work done by professionals.
Many companies are creating a wide variety of AI models. It is costly and time-consuming. Nota AI bridges this gap with its AI model optimization technologies and edge device AI solutions. By providing a complete framework, it can reduce the time required to develop cutting-edge AI models from months to weeks. Nota’s AI optimization technology supports a wide range of edge AI solutions, including intelligent transportation systems and low-powered driver monitoring systems.
AI can unearth information about cancer that leads to novel insights that could be used as a crucial tactic in the battle against the disease through analysis beyond human capacity. Lunit is a South Korean deep learning and medical data software startup. Finding, creating, and developing data-driven imaging biomarkers is their sole focus. High precision and efficiency in diagnosis and therapy are made possible by these biomarkers. Lunit also emphasizes radiology and cancer treatment.
Oncocross is advancing the drug development process and creating advancements in the field of drug development by using artificial intelligence. With a cutting-edge artificial intelligence drug development platform based on whole-body data analysis, it is creating medicines for rare diseases and incurable diseases like cancer. Additionally, it aids pharmaceutical firms in accelerating drug development at reasonable costs and in a shorter time.
Neosapience develops AI actors for the media and entertainment industry. It offers a special way for human actors to commercialize their unique voices as intellectual property, and users may easily create their content using the voices. It provides Typecast, a potent tool for producing voice-over material without time-consuming recording procedures. Their AI system mimics the vocal identity and emotion of a person by learning the voice characteristics of that person.
3billion is improving the effectiveness and accessibility of genetic testing for rare diseases. It offers a medical diagnosis service powered by AI to identify rare diseases. It provides genomic screening tests for rare diseases directly to consumers. Their automated variation interpretation method, based on machine learning, cuts down on costs and processing time. Additionally, they provide a tool that aids physicians in the quicker and more reliable diagnosis of rare diseases by scanning for DNA abnormalities.
AITRICS makes AI-based healthcare solutions available to all enterprises to provide more predictive and tailored care. Their prediction tool, VitalCare, can anticipate the emergence of sepsis and mortality emergencies in hospitals. Additionally, it offers precise and predictive assessments to assist medical professionals in determining when and how best to treat their patients. They aim to unlock AI’s full potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.
Previously exclusively available in the “walled gardens of Google, Facebook, and Amazon,” Moloco’s machine learning platform now makes performance and growth available to app developers and e-commerce sites everywhere on the internet. They are creating a more just and thriving digital economy for everyone by unlocking consumers’ own exclusive first-party data. By providing powerful machine learning to businesses of all sizes, they hope to increase the digital economy’s transparency, equity, and profitability.
Deep Bio attempts to speed up turnaround times and increase accuracy for medical diagnostics. They collaborate with medical professionals to help clinicians make better-informed decisions that will result in the best patient outcome to integrate AI into current clinical workflows. Deep Bio has a group of engineers and medical professionals who curate the best datasets. Their AI establishes the highest performance criterion after numerous review cycles.
For autonomous and hassle-free transportation services, 42dot is attempting to develop a fully automated, centralized infrastructure. Modern AI technology combines specialized connected services to streamline the movement of people and things. They want to quickly convert to autonomous Transportation-as-a-Service to market useful, life-improving products.
Tomocube has developed a diagnostic tool that blends 3D holographic microscopy with AI technology and produces real-time 3D imaging products for optical solutions. Additionally, their approach enables scientists to measure dynamic, real-time images of individual living cells at the nanoscale without sample preparation. Their flagship item, the HT-1 microscope, computes 3D refractive index tomograms of living tissues and cells. With the help of this technology, scientists may carry out prolonged experiments without worrying that photobleaching and phototoxicity will affect the outcomes.
AI deep tech firm 42Maru creates a Deep Semantic TA and QA Platform that deciphers the true purpose of a user’s inquiry and extracts a single response from a sizable unstructured data set. For its platform, it makes use of machine comprehension, deep learning, and artificial intelligence search. Companies from various industries have relied on its solutions to improve their operations by streamlining their processes through cognitive AI, enhancing the use of their products with precise question answers, or providing their staff with up-to-date internal knowledge through a natural language understanding chatbot.
An average MRI scan can take anything from 30 to 90 minutes. Due to the discomfort of the procedure, patients may occasionally be sedated. Many radiologists compromise on image quality to complete the process as quickly as possible. AIRS Medical uses AI to improve low-quality images. SwiftMR, an AI MRI reconstruction software from AIRS Medical, can improve pictures in various situations. The institution’s PAC is connected to AI software. Many institutes in South Korea use SwiftMR, which is getting good reviews from radiologists worldwide.
Kaipharm is a cutting-edge drug company focused on big data, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence technology. KMAP is a platform for assessing drug-induced transcriptome data developed by KaiPharm. Consequently, they may use next-generation sequencing to produce a dataset of 2,000 medicines. All currently FDA-approved medications will be included in the dataset. They collaborate on projects and offer services to numerous pharmaceutical firms, startup drug companies, and research organizations.
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