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Mechatronic engineering harnesses the power of mechanics, electrical systems and software to create computer-controlled ‘smart’ machines.
It underpins the technology behind robotics and autonomous systems, automated manufacturing and ‘intelligent’ microprocessor-based technologies.
This means that completing a mechatronic engineering degree will give you skills and in-depth knowledge in computer hardware, software and networking.
If the idea of using these skills to become a versatile problem solver excites you, our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic) might be the degree for you.
The constantly evolving field of robotics is expected to have a huge transformative impact on society over the coming decades.
With a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic) you have the opportunity to specialise in a number of different fields that can contribute to this revolution.
With specialisations available in Robotics and Intelligent SystemsEngineering Data Science and Computer Systems to name a few, the degree can accommodate you in any direction you want to take your career.
With inventions in the pipeline such as autonomous vehicles, humanoid robotics, autonomous systems, automated manufacturing and much more, mechatronic engineers are uniquely placed to play major roles in the development of these world altering systems.
A mechatronic engineering degree at Sydney will put you in a position to be working on the frontlines of this innovation and making a real difference in the world.
Studying mechatronic engineering at Sydney will give you a pathway to a career in several different areas of practice.
Throughout your study you will gain knowledge and skills that allow you to work as a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or even a computer scientist.
You may even be eligible to undertake our space engineering program in conjunction with the degree– the only program of its kind in Australia.
By combining your studies with collaborative projects and industry experience, you’ll graduate with the necessary skills and experience to launch your career in mechatronic engineering.
The University of Sydney is home to a range of facilities that allow you to gain hands-on learning experience using the latest equipment and instrumentation, including:
The use of these facilities gives students exposure to world class robotics research and embeds hands-on and experiential learning into the subjects.
Students will get to work with and build real hardware, sensors and software throughout the duration of the degree.
Making the most of your time at university is incredibly important and extends beyond simply the lab and the lecture theatre.
Studying mechatronic engineering at Sydney will provide you with opportunities to connect and develop relationships with likeminded students through clubs such as the Sydney University Mechatronics Organisation (SUMO), the USYD Robotics Club, the Engineering Undergraduate Association or even a club outside of your degree that suits your interests.
Alternatively, you could gain more hands-on experience by joining a team such as our world champion USYD Rocketry Team or the Sydney Motorsport Team.
Test out your skills by competing against other local and international universities and have some fun along the way.
University clubs and societies regularly have vacancies for roles ranging from treasurer to photographer, allowing you to add another skill to your resume while helping you build your chosen club, society or team.
As the University ranked first for graduate employability in Australia and fourth in the world, when you study our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic), you’ll gain the industry experience to help you succeed after graduation.
All Bachelor of Engineering students complete the award-winning Professional Engagement Program, gaining exposure to industry and professional work from the very beginning of their studies.
Programs such as the Jacaranda Flame Consulting Program or the Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship can provide you with further industry experience and strengthen your research, problem-solving, and communication skills.
With 1,200+ industry partners who work with the Faculty of Engineering, you’ll gain hands-on experience and an insight into life after university.
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The Faculty of Engineering is pleased to announce collaborative research projects that have been awarded grants to support the path to net zero target. 


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