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If you’re a software developer, you can look forward to excellent job security in the future. Experts estimate the field will grow by a staggering 21% in the next decade.
Still, just because there are plenty of jobs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be honing your skills. As more new graduates enter the field, your software developer resume will become more important than ever.
How can you ensure your software engineer resume stands out? What should you include in your resume skills section?
Here are 4 essential skills for any software developer resume.

How many languages do you speak? Even if English is your only spoken language, you’ll need to become fluent in coding and programming languages.
Among the most in-demand computer language skills are:
Of course, you won’t be able to learn them all, so focus on the ones most relevant to your niche. Remember that you can always find out more about the SAFe certification cost and other certification costs before you make any decisions.

How good are you at understanding how data is organized and using it to solve real-world problems? How adept are you at consolidating code so it doesn’t take up too much space (or too much time)?
This is where Data Structures and Algorithms comes in. You might also hear it referred to as linked list, tree, or array.
Potential employers will want to know that you can write code as succinctly and efficiently as possible. It may not seem apparent right away, but this is the heart of all software engineering.

IDEs allow you to write, compile, run, and debug your code. Depending on the language you’re using, you’ll want to become proficient with certain IDEs.
For example, C# or C++ programmers most often choose Visual Studio or Code::Blocks. Python developers may select from Spyder, PyCharm, or Jupyter notebook. Java users will benefit from NetBeans, Eclipse, or IntelliJ IDEA.

With an alarming number of cyberattacks and website hacking, an important part of any software engineering is protecting it from these attacks.
If the software or application you’re developing uses sensitive information, you must develop a secure, encrypted key to protect the user. You need to understand how encryption algorithms and encryption work, as well as which methods to use.
You also need to understand private key and public key, the two main methods for data encryption.

As technology continues to evolve, so must your skillset. The computer science you learned in college was a great start, but it’s vital to stay up with the latest trends in your field.
As you gain proficiency, be sure to add the skills listed above to your software developer resume. Then you should have no trouble landing your dream job.
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