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Everywhere, street food is becoming increasingly popular and trucks and carts are popping up in all major cities in the UK and worldwide. The combination between traditional dishes, innovation and the use of organic and fresh products, together with a relatively cheap price, have pushed street food to the forefront of the culinary worlds. This trend is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Introducing some street food ideas into your menu could therefore be a good idea, as it can significantly boost your sales. 
Street food's roots are in Asia, in countries like India, Vietnam and Cambodia. In order  to get inspiration and learn about these dishes personally, you should travel to these countries and discover the wonders of their popular cuisine. For this you will need to apply for a visa​ like the Vietnam visa or the Cambodia visa. Applying for an electronic visa is almost as fast and easy as ordering a mouthwatering dish of Pho. Read how to apply for your Vietnam or Cambodia visa and discover some delicious street food dishes with which you can enhance your menu
Num Pang - Cambodia
Num Pang is the result of the combination between French and Cambodian cuisine. The French left many traces of their cuisine during their colonial period in Indochine. Like the Vietnamese Banh Mi, Num Pang is made with French baguette bread, but it has mayonnaise, turkey, cucumber, pickles and herbs. 
Vada Pav - India
Vada Pav is the perfect example of the simple and popular street food you can enjoy in India. It is a deep-fried mashed potato sandwich seasoned with ginger, chilis, garlic, herbs and chutney. Indians consume it like it is going out of style. 

Pho - Vietnam
Pho is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup. The ingredients are very simple: noodles, meat (chicken or beef), and herbs What makes the difference is the broth, which is traditionally made by boiling bones with onion and spices (green onion, thai basil, lime and chilis)
Lort Cha - Cambodia
All across Cambodia you will find plenty of street vendors offering this delicious dish. Similar to Indian Chow Mein, Lort Cha is made of rice noodles fried with different vegetables, mixed with beef and topped with an egg. 
Spring rolls - Vietnam
This is a classic of Vietnamese street food. Wrapped in rice paper, they can be filled with meat or shrimps and vegetables. You can eat them fresh or deep-fried with a dipping sauce.
Travel to these exotic destinations and discover the origins of street food. When planning your trip to India, Vietnam or Cambodia, take into account that for all these countries it is mandatory to apply for a travel permit. It is important to apply for your visa on time. The application process for the Vietnam visa​, the Cambodia visa​ or the Indian visa​ is very simple. 
You can apply online 24/7 for your electronic visa​, and receive it in your email inbox immediately after approval. However, you must take into account the delivery times, which can go from 24 hours in the case of the Indian visa and up to one week in the case of the Vietnam visa. 
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