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No idea what to get your 6year old boy or girl? We’ve got you covered!
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By the time your little one reaches 6 years old, they’re likely to have started school; learning how to read and write, and being exposed to different subjects that open up an entirely new world of toys and gifts to explore. Some of them have a better grip on their strength, and balance and are intellectually ready for different types of toys, games and challenges.
When it comes to selecting the best gifts for your 6-year-old, there are a plethora of factors to consider. Buying the wrong gift can be annoying, even if it’s one with benefits; no toy can aid a child if they don’t want to play with it. This is where we come in; This list is carefully curated considering the toys’ safety, usefulness and benefits, ease of use, and of course, age recommendation. 
So, with these gifts, you can make your precious little one happy on their birthday, children’s day, Christmas or whatever the occasion is and be assured that they’ll get smitten and attached for a long time. You will also earn your best mommy/daddy/aunty/uncle award! 
”National Geographic” Earth Science Kit
It’s fun, educational and practical. Buy it!
Goopow Kids Camera
It’s beautiful, thoughtful and cost-effective. Buy it!
Happitry Bubble Blower Machine
It doesn’t get more fun than this, and it’s low-cost. Buy it! Children at age 6 get frequently inquisitive. Hence, this toy set is suitable for their age and up. Your 6-year-old will feel the fascinating sense of finding out new things and discover how rewarding it feels. Educational toys like this one are great for curious kids. 
This kit contains 15 experiments that can be performed at home. They are safe and hassle-free and they come with easy-to-follow instructions.
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  Computers and IT are the future and preparing your 6-year-old for the future is a great idea. With this learning toy, they can get a head start and develop a sincere interest in coding. This particular kit provides them with numerous fun coding puzzles and games and also offers an opportunity to create music using pre-provided musical sounds. 
They’ll learn about basic programming, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, pattern recognition, and more!
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  This is a fun educational toy for your little upcoming scientist. Has your child shown an interest in science?  If yes, this kit will be just right for them.
The set contains a microscope and 6 pieces of magnifying glass. Each glass has a different level of magnification which provides them with satisfactory views. It also comes with a book titled “The world of the microscope”, to provide extra knowledge about the microscope, the usefulness and how to use it.
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  This is an amazing engineering toy for creative kids! Toys like this are great for enhancing your kids’ engineering and mathematical skills. The set features 148 building parts, 2 tools and a manual on how to build things such as cars, motorbikes, bulldozers, planes, helicopters, etc. This toy will create a fun but also educational time for your 6-year-old.
Get it from Amazon This toy set will make your child yearn to spend more time outdoors or at least away from their iPad or computer. Outdoor toys for 6-year-olds like this one are incredible for exploring the nature around them and developing an appreciation for it. The set contains 3 magnifying glasses, a compass, 4 binoculars, a flashlight, and a hiking backpack to store all the goodies in. 
All of these goodies allow them to enjoy the experience with their friends.
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  If you want your little one to go outside and be active, you have to make it fun! Flickin Chicken is the go-to game that is perfect for any location!  The backyard, the garden,  the park, family outings, the beach, camping, and much more. 
The toy allows 2-4 players and the set Contains 4 rubber chickens, a target disc, a score pad, a pencil, and a book of rules.
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  Playing outdoors during summer is made fun and exciting with this KKONES sprinkle and splash mat. This toy is perfect for a beach party in your backyard.
The round, super-sized 68-inch pad is crafted from heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that is toxic-free and environmentally friendly. It’s easy to put together and only needs water to start the fun. It comes with a plug for easy filling and draining of water. 
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  Let the bubble party begin! This bubble blower machine has a wide spout that blows out 1 big bubble and countless small ones. The product’s simple design makes it easy to use, and your little one only has to dip the ring into a tray of bubble solution. It is user-friendly; created from high-quality, benign plastic that is safe for use by children. It’s one of the best ways to get your kid to take delight in the outdoors and get a daily dose of exercise.
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  Your kid will surely take pleasure in zooming around the area and local parks on this amazing scooter. It’s available in a variety of colors, built to last, ready and easy to ride and most importantly, safe. It is also easy to travel with as it can be folded into a compact footprint.
Able to withstand weights of up to 143 pounds, this scooter is a great option for the trip to school or to meet up with friends! 
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  If your 6-year-old dreams of getting their hands dirty and helping with some farm work, they will love roleplaying on this adventure trailer. This ride-on travels at a good speed, it’s safe, and has adjustable seats which allow a wide range of heights. Lastly, this trailer is a two-seater so your kid can enjoy driving around the yard with their friend or sibling.
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  If you want a ride-on toy that will get your kid off the sofa to burn lots of energy, as well as one you can easily put in the trunk when going on a journey, these skates are for them. One of the coolest features is that the neon wheels are built with flashing LED lights that come on when the skates are in motion. It’s also adjustable to fit any boot size, so your kid will grow with it.
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  This scooter board is great fun for both indoor and outdoor amusement. It comes in four colors: red, green, blue, and pink so you can pick one that suits your child the best. The four smooth-moving wheels allow kids to zoom in and spin around as fast as their legs can scoot them. It’s easy to operate, safe and secure, and compact, making it easy to travel with. 
Get it from Amazon  The “M” in STEM sometimes gets overlooked, but this kit puts math into the spotlight, and will captivate any lover of Netflix’s Numberblocks. Your 6 year old can use the linking counting cubes to recreate their favorite characters, and the wipe-clean cards will give them ideas for math-based puzzles and exercises.
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  Foster Your child’s creativity with this magnetic set containing 6 large hexagonal tiles. Budding engineers use the magnetic pieces in this set to create one-of-a-kind objects. With this, they start developing skills in engineering concepts while having fun. This toy comes with instructions on how to create different designs; but if your kid is creative enough,  they can dream up their designs and create them. 
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  Incorporate STEM learning into their game nights with this roller coaster game that transforms kids into roller coaster engineers. Players create a 3-D adventure ride based on what’s on their challenge card using real loops and drops. Afterwards, they send the car racing down and hope for success. The set comes with 40 challenge cards varying from beginner to expert, and even though it’s meant to be a single-player game, it can be more fun and engaging when they work in teams to solve the challenges.
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  STEM meets beauty: With this kit, your kid takes on the role of a chemist for a beauty products company, while exploring concepts like pH levels and the biology of the skin. 
With 35 pieces, this set has everything they need to perform experiments like an actual scientist including: a station base, tool stands, a beaker, test tubes, etc and non-hazardous chemicals. The manual guides your child’s scientific exploration through 10 educative, fun and safe experiments.
Get it from Amazon  Their creativity will know no bound with this drawing tablet. Your students or children will be entertained for hours using this tablet which allows them to be as creative as they want and their imagination will run away with them! Instead of regular painting paper, this drawing board is more reusable and durable. There’s a plus! This particular item is designed with the newest LCD pressure-sensitive tech, providing vivid bright colors without glare and blue light, thereby making it super safe for your kid’s eyes.
Get it from Amazon Your 6-year-old may be a future jewelry designer. Their imaginations are endless with all of these pop beads. The multiple colors and textures will help them create lovely pieces of jewelry (necklaces, pendants, etc). It’ll help them develop their sorting and counting skills as well as their color cognition. We bet you’ll receive new designer pieces as gifts.
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  There are 553 pieces featured in this kit. Your kid will have a blast building different types of ice cream trucks and roleplaying afterwards. They might imagine they are the ice cream truck owner, employee or even the customer! You can buy them their favorite flavor and make their roleplay more realistic.
Get it from Amazon Imagine all of the fun and cryptic conversations your child will have with their best friend with these cool walkie-talkies. They can imagine themselves being their favorite movie character, superheroes or ninjas on an assignment with these portable phones. They come in three colors so you can choose their favorite color. 
Get it from Amazon  This kid’s camera is an ideal gift for your child who has an interest in photography. With this video camera, kids can become their own production teams. There are lots of in-camera effects, including time-lapse photography, 8x Digital Zoom and Special Effects & Filters. It even comes with 28 funny photo frames and 3 puzzle games.
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  This is a cool gift that will function both indoors and outdoors for a children’s party or playdate. It’s also great for target practice. The shooting target provided can be put together easily and is simple for children to operate. 
Get it from Amazon This is the coolest toy for your 6year old that likes soccer but loves to stay inside. The LL Moose Hover Ball will put a smile on your kid’s face and they sure won’t stop bragging about it to their friends. 
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  These rockets, made of soft, safe foam with thrilling colorful led light will not only give your child a fun time but can also stimulate their imagination and promote their health. You can join in the fun during family time or they challenge their friend and have a race.
Get it from Amazon  What’s better than a robot? A dinosaur? Yes! A dinosaur robot is even better because it’s a combination of the two things your 6-year-old finds amusing. This kit features 84 pieces for your little one to play with and enjoy. They can play with this alone or with friends. Grab this set for their next upcoming birthday and you’ll fill their heart with so much joy.
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  This is a race track creative toy idea but it’s more associated with dinosaurs. Is your little one interested and fascinated by cars, race tracks, and dinosaurs? Then this is the best gift for them. It comes with unique accessories, various track shapes and it’s easy to assemble and disassemble.
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  You can bring Jurassic World to your very own basement or living room! You will help them develop their motor skills while they work on building and constructing these dinosaurs.This set has a realistic design, it is easy to assemble, and is made of nontoxic and recyclable plastic that is safe for your little one .
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Get it from Amazon If your little one is a Barbie collector, it won’t be difficult to find a Barbie toy that they don’t have yet. You can never go wrong with a Barbie for your little dolly fan. Barbie toys have been in existence since the 50s and their popularity gets bigger by the day; They have so many dolls to pick from. This closet is a great addition to your child’s closet as she”ll have fun telling fashion stories and matching outfits.
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  The first Nintendo console was released in 1983, and ever since, the consoles have been on the ultimate “must-have” list. If you have a 6-year-old gamer, introduce Nintendo to them and you’ll be glad you did. The Switch Lite is available in a range of colors and a huge range of games that they’ll love. 
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  My little pony toys first came out back in 1981! The recent popularity can be linked to their last film that hit the cinemas and Netflix. Help your child join the wave and become a little pony performer with this cute singing doll that comes with a microphone and fluffy wings. 
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  LEGO toys have become a must-have for every household. Their popularity isn’t surprising because they have many toys from popular movie franchises to pick from. If your child is a marvel (Thor) fan, this set is a great buy! It includes a buildable robot, a Minifigure of Thor, and a hammer that fits in its gripping hand – perfect for a Marvel fan!
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  Find your child new “friends”! This jar allows your little girl to search for fairies and “capture” them in the jar, where they can feed and play games with them. They can Bond with their new BFFS by saying hello, hugging and kissing them. To say hello, they’ll open the heart-shaped lid and talk to them and guess what? They’ll always say hello back! 
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  All you need to do is add water to the flower pot and like magic, a surprise doll with a funky hairdo and costume will “blume” her eyes. This new friend is not alone; it’s accompanied by more than 10 other surprises that include a mini friend, fashion shoes, a sticker sheet, and a secret playset. 
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  Need a gift for your little fashionista? This mix-and-match drawing set might be the right one for her. She can mix and match and create her unique fashion outfits like a fashion icon that she is. The set contains 15 fashion plates, colored pencils, 20 sheets of paper, a drawing tablet, 2 rubbing crayons and a crayon holder, a carrying case and an idea manual.
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  Anything that gets kids productive and motivates them to discover new skills makes a great toy for a 6-year-old. Pottery making and painting kits are great for continuing to acquire fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, as well as developing a child’s individual creativity, expression and articulation. 
Get it from Amazon  The moment your boy gets the hang of how these work, he’ll love threading the LED wire through the plastic tiles to create different unique light-up inventions. This toy will help him build his creativity and individuality, Develop fine motor skills and Encourage self-expression. The kits make numerous projects, and there are three kits, so he can build as many things as he wants.
Get it from Amazon Connect this race portal set to a smartphone or tablet and the Hot Wheels id digital app for a super innovative reality experience. Once your boy scans his car onto the race track, he can race, measure his  car performance and play mini-games that launch his cars from the physical race track into digital challenges. For every car he scans, he unlocks extraordinary content, and this set already comes with two Hot Wheels cars.
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  You’ll love to see how the gears inspire your 6-year-old’s creativity through construction and engineering. With this set, he can recreate designs from the included manual, or use his unique thinking skills to engineer exceptional creations. This 80-piece set contains interlocking bases, connectors, gears, robots, cranes, handles, stickers, etc.
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  Let him take this outdoors for hours of fun, or make videos of high-speed pursuits. With this remote control stunt car, He’ll not only run, move forward, backward, turn right, left, but he’ll also roll and rotate at 360 degrees and drive on double-sided flip for extra playing experience. It comes with 4 batteries so he can play for as long as he wants. 
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