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Finnish rock tools leader Robit says its Rbit™ Button Bit Series is now complete with sizes for drifting and tunnelling now available. It comments: “Summarising all the essential drilling features, we are going deeper with more speed and force, driving the development of the drilling consumables industry.”
It adds: “As an established global company, we continuously need to reinvent ourselves. Across the globe, our cases are more versatile, our knowledge base wider, our questions and tools for finding answers smarter. We fight hard every day to be the strongest and smartest when it comes to the space between drill and rock so that we deliver only the best to our valued customers. That is the true spirit of Robit® Rbit™.”
All of the Robit button bits are manufactured of 100% recyclable steel and over half of the steel used in Robit button bits is carbon neutral. Robit steel grade gives even more uniform properties and improved fatigue strength, which is crucial in rock drilling process. It adds that fully automated production lines with the latest technology guarantee consistent top quality.
At the beginning of last year Robit launched bigger diameters, over 60 mm sizes in the Rbit™ series for surface and longhole drilling. Now it have says it has completed the series with 32 mm (1¼ in) up to 57 mm (2¼ in), which fulfil the needs of drifting & tunnelling. “With the Rbit™, our commitment is to help our customers reduce the total drilling costs by achieving faster rate of penetration and the lowest cost-per-metre.”
The new features in the Rbit™ series (sizes 32 mm to 57 mm) are an optimised button layout configuration to ensure maximised rock contact and energy transmission; optimised placement of flushing holes allowing improved flushing and even improved rate of penetration (ROP) and redesigned wider flushing grooves, that allow more space delivering a better flow for the cuttings.
“All of our new high-quality Rbit™ drill bits have been designed with state of the art Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation. Moreover, field tests globally have demonstrated clear evidence of a superior drilling performance, which our technical simulation had already guaranteed. Our partner drillers were happy with the excellent performance and noted better flushing and longer grinding intervals with the new Rbit™ drill bits. Robit products are developed in the challenging rock conditions of Scandinavia and have a proven record globally.”
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