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Re “Joe Biden’s $400 billion giveaway” (Sept. 27):
This article claims that “If Biden really cared about the problem of student loan debts and college affordability, he would have worked with Congress to find a solution to the perpetually surging cost of a college education. But he didn’t do that. He opted for a costly and legally suspect political stunt rather than problem-solving.” It is true that there is an increase in the cost of a college degree, but saying that Biden doesn’t care about college affordability because of a financial aid move to help those in need is preposterous. Currently there are no incentives for colleges to lower their prices, according to Axios. Unless one wants to remove tax breaks and deny federal research grants and disturb the education of those students currently in class, President Biden went with the safest option to offer aid directly to those in need as opposed to the alternative methods. There are limited options to relieve the drowning debt of those who are currently affected by the pandemic and rising inflation.
— Efrain Garcia, Anaheim
As I see it, Measure A is a no vote for this reader
Re “Vote yes on Measure A in L.A. County” (Sept. 29):
I watched the debate between Sheriff Villanueva and Robert Luna last week. It was clear that Luna would work with D.A. Gascón and that Villanueva was against Gascón’s very progressive policies. In my opinion, aligning with Gascón policies will only add to the degradation of Los Angeles, the increase in crime and homeless encampments. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors is a group of progressives that have not managed to elevate Los Angeles County to its former beauty and glory and success. Why should they have the power to fire a sheriff that was duly elected by the people? Vote no on Measure A.
— Marsha Roseman, Van Nuys
Immigration reform isn’t a new issue in the U.S.
Another interesting take on who’s to blame for the U.S. immigration issues: Blaming it on the current administration is far from correct. This country has failed to solve our southern border problem for countless administrations. Both the Republicans and Democrats have failed to pass meaningful immigration reforms for generations. I’ll bet if the Republicans came up with a valid solution it would get support from the Democrats. Oh, wait, they had a solution, build a wall that was going to keep all the drugs and people from going over under or through it.
All continued to happen. I think the government is still waiting for that check from Mexico to pay for it. Stop blaming and start fixing. It will take both sides of the aisle to come up with a workable comprehensive plan to fix the problems.
— Christopher Otto, Riverside
Today’s economy is on the brink of collapse
Re “Southland housing market collapses” (Sept. 26):
This article is a snapshot of today’s economy under the Biden administration. Mortgage payments increase by 50% or more due to rising interest rates by the Fed making it difficult for potential homeowners to purchase homes. Inflation is at a record high, stock market losses continue to erode life savings of citizens, while this administration is concerned about changing the name of the Atlanta Braves, with no solution on crime in our cities and rampant homelessness that continues to affect all Americans. Midterm elections are just around the corner so let your vote count, more of the same by the Democrats or hopefully a change for the better by voting these politicians out of office.
— Kenneth M. Bezich, Rolling Hills
President Biden
Mr. Shatynski’s letter to the editor Sep. 25 had me scratching my head. He claims that President Biden is, and I quote, “the most radically progressive president ever.”
One of the reasons that Biden’s approval ratings are so low is that most of us progressive Democrats find Biden to be too moderate.
Virtually all of the progressive Democrats who believe that would still vote for him because he’d be running against Trump or any other Republican.
— Ron Garber, Duarte
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