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Date of Publication: | Tue, 27 Sep 2022 10:36 PM (IST)
Bhilai (representative of Naidunia). The panel holder who sold Mahadev’s book ID was arrested by the police for the first time. The accused is the son of Gyan Chand Jain, a Congress leader and president of the CAT, Steel Chamber of Commerce. He bought the entire panel for Rs.20 lakh and distributed IDs to more than five thousand people. The accused bribed his panel with lakhs of rupees within 15 days.
All six accused, including the panel holder and the prime accused, were arrested. Three accused are residents of Varanasi and Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. The prime accused was dealing in aluminum fittings. Five other accused who were arrested along with him worked there.
In the early days, he conducted online auctions through Mahadev Book from his warehouse in Jagdalpur. So he rented a hut near Kosanala and started operations from there. But as per the informer’s suggestion, all the accused were arrested. Along with the arrest of the accused, the police also received information about some other bookies related to Mahadev’s book. Who are you looking for?
Let us inform you that online betting game has grown significantly on various types of games. Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal, two men from Bhilai, created the apps Mahadev Book and Reddy Anna and ventured into online betting. Police arrested six accused in connection with Mahadev’s book on Tuesday.
In this, Anubhav Jain (35), a resident of Zonal Market Sector-10, Harsh Kapoor (27), a resident of Sector-7, Nutan Devangan (29), a resident of Sikolabhata Durg, and Pradyumna Vishwakarma (24), a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Odar Phulpur district, Varanasi. , Village Am Shahpur Baragaon Pankaj Vishwakarma (21) Resident of District Varanasi Uttar Pradesh and Shyamdev Vishwakarma (29) Resident of Village Bhavpur Police Station Jalalpur District Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh.
SP Dr. giving the details of the case in the press conference. Abhishek Pallav, ASP Sanjay Dhruva and Bhilai Nagar CSP Nasar Siddiqui said that accused Anubhav Jain is the head of this gang. Near it is Mahadev’s book panel. Through this he sold IDs to more than five thousand gamblers.
Police officials said that the two accused related to Mahadev’s book were arrested a few days ago. This action was taken based on the information received from them. The move exposed online betting worth crores of rupees. These accused are transacting betting money through more than 50 accounts belonging to different banks. 12 mobiles, four laptops, one monitor, one CPU, three keyboards, four mice, one broadband, six ATM cards, eight checkbooks and three passbooks were seized from them. The police also kept around two lakh rupees in various accounts.
Anubhav took the panel through a friend in exchange for six percent commission
Police officials said that the accused Anubhav Jain took Mahadev’s book through his friend Pranav Jain. It is equipped with a ledger book and an app called Cricket Buzz. After that, he gets six percent commission on all transactions from his panel. He sold five thousand IDs at Rs.1000 per ID. He got a commission of Rs.35 thousand for that.
It was only 15 days before he joined the panel and crores of rupees of business was done from his panel. He is going to get a commission of one lakh rupees for that. But before that he was caught by the police. Accused Anubhav Jain told the police that Pranav Jain, who had given him the panel, was still in Mumbai and that Pranav said his local address was Raipur. Apart from this, information about the work of people associated with Mahadev Book and Reddy Anna App is also given in Dubai (UAE) and Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur and Uttar Pradesh in India.
The accused are engineers and computer experts
Engineer Harsh Kapoor is among the arrested accused. Apart from this, Shyamdev Vishwakarma studied DCA and acquired good computer skills. Apart from this, the accused Nutan Dewangan passed only the eighth standard. But, he also has good computer knowledge. Apart from this two other accused Pradyuman Vishwakarma and Pankaj Vishwakarma also learned to work with computers.
They were employed by Anubhav Jain and the five accused used to deposit and transfer speculative money to different accounts. The accused understood the entire work of Mahadev Book in a very short time and made transactions worth crores of rupees. Accused Anubhav Jain informed the police that people associated with Mahadev Book used to talk to him only on WhatsApp. The police have also seized the mobile phone from the accused and are collecting the information of other accused from it.
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