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While I appreciate your story about your daughter, it is, respectfully, an anecdotal story that does not really provide much more than that of being what it is, a success story, and only her success story. What I mean is that her story doesn’t apply to other Utahns and Americans.
It is good that you are proud of her, and I applaud her service in the federal military of the United States of America. Now, I will address some items you brought up in your letter: You callously and recklessly accuse some sort of nebulous, undefined segment of “those” who are too “immature” and “feckless” to pay off debts. That’s a lot to unpack just right there, without getting into false claims of “authoritarian” overreach by the POTUS.
Let’s start with the word “immature”. On what do you base your judgement that those needing relief are “immature”? Let’s look at this logically: Your daughter veritably gave up her personhood and independence in order to allow the military to shape her personality into what it is today; to be clear, I’m not qualifying this, merely stating fact. It is good that the U.S. military more or less paid for her schooling.
My issues & question to you are: Are you suggesting that every single human is cut out for military service? Not everyone has the same brain, a literal organ, and so our abilities and strengths differ. Furthermore, the mere fact that people are pursuing a college education to better their situation is a behavior clearly indicative of said people being of mature “character”, especially when the majority of the people hoping for student debt relief have graduated & are struggling with the very high costs of living that are in addition to heavy student debt loads. They are in this situation because they had it hammered into their heads that vocational education was inferior to academic, traditional universities.
Who, may I kindly ask, taught this? The elder generations, the baby boomers, and elder GenXers are who pushed this narrative.
Next, let’s look at “feckless”. This word is a mentally toxic, destructively judgmental word that only serves to tear down others, not build up. Do you know everyone’s situation? As respectfully as I can portray, you clearly have no understanding of real academic microeconomics and its relationship to macroeconomics. It is an undisputed fact (because we have mathematics to prove it) that the cost of college education for baby boomers (many of whom finished up their post-secondary education during the 1970s) was significantly lesser than what their children and grandchildren had to pay, & currently have to pay.
A report from Bustle.com (https://www.bustle.com/articles/151243-how-the-price-of-college-has-changed-since-our-parents-were-in-school) is quoted stating that: “In 1975 the average cost of attending a public university was $7,833 (in 2015 dollars) including tuition, fees, and living expenses. Today the cost has more than doubled, climbing to $19,548.” After reading this fact, I respectfully ask, are you seriously going to still tell people (who have to pay more than double what it used to cost their parents) that they are, as you put it, “feckless”?
With all due respect, sir, serving in the armed forces does not give you the license to falsely accuse others of being lazy or unproductive, and using veterans as political tools is disgraceful. What is unfair is how well Republicans have fooled so many of you and others in this beautiful valley to judge others so unrighteously and unfairly; they’ve taught you to ignore facts and instead rely on emotionally immature dog-whistlings of jealously, envy, and covetousness.
As an independent voter, I am appalled at how callous and unfeeling many people of the elder generations tend to be without looking at all of the facts. To end my rebuttal, let me say this: Wages have not kept up with inflation, and inflation most definitely includes the cost of living whilst at University, and the cost of tuition. The least we can do as taxpayers is to help contribute to lightening the load on our children and grandchildren.
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Marc Fuentes you’ve been duped. You’re not getting tuition forgiveness. They’re walking it back as we speak.
It won’t make it through the courts. Another election year promise…
But you did touch on the real problem. The skyrocketing price of higher education. I’d love to hear your proposed solution for this issue that would benefit ALL.
You obviously took a lot of time thinking about the topic and writing the letter. For that I applaud you.
But I disagree with your position, respectfully. When students take out a loan for school, it’s an investment in their future. Have you ever played the board game Life? You can choose to make an investment in your future and go to school or you can choose another route and start making money immediately with a lower paying job. But it’s a choice. All of this is a choice. You can get a loan for school, or a car, or a house, or for many different reasons. But it’s a personal choice and one of the wonderful freedoms of our country.
But what doesn’t make sense, and is ironic when we are talking about education, is that we would want to teach our citizens the lesson of “you can take out a loan and not pay it back”. How is that responsible? How is that fair for people who make other choices? Like: working your way through school, or saving up money before you go to school, or parents contributing money to avoid loans. How is wiping $10,000 fair to those tax payers?
I have personally paid for my children’s education and it wasn’t fun or easy. But it was an investment that I was going to make for their future. Think of all the other things that I could have done with tens of thousands of dollars. But I made the choice. And now, because of this forgiveness – I’m being forced to not only pay the money that I’ve already saved and paid, but now contribute to other people’s kids? I would argue that THAT is the illogical position. Choices come with consequences – please accept THAT contribution to your education.
Once again a very weak argument for the vote buying scheme of the progressives. This is no different than if the federal government started a mortgage loan program and when the party in power needs to buy votes they simply transfer all of the debt on peoples’ houses to people who rent apartments. It’s immoral anytime you take out the part that it was for school and apply it to any real world debt problem.
Well said. Its sad when people around you make you feel bad for accepting much-needed relief. Not all of us are in the same situation.
Exactly. Some of us were defrauded by our schools and the U.S dept of education defense gives you the run around for years and years. All I hear about is how this isn’t fair, that isn’t fair, blah blah blah. How about we help out fellow Human beings and stop acting like a holes.
Higher education is not a right! Can’t afford your student loans then you should not have taken them. Pay your own bills and think before you borrow. There are lots of ways to get your school payed for, the military, americorp, critical need jobs, like nursing, law enforcement that offer student loan forgiveness. You don’t need a college degree to go to programing bootcamps, be an electrician, welder, plumber, builder, mechanic. You made the deal with the devil, pay your dues.
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