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As part of its commitment to support and empower learners to engage in entrepreneurship and adopt a culture of innovation, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University announced the initial beta launch of its new virtual platform, H-Preneurs.
To enable and support learners in their entrepreneurial ventures, H-Preneurs guides learners through their journey and provides them with the necessary means to implement their business ideas and transform them into real ventures through an ecosystem of industry mentors, investor networks, academic content and relevant services and infrastructure.
By leveraging the smart technologies and the academic content and knowledge of HBMSU, the platform is set to guide learners and facilitate the establishment of start-ups that contributes positively to the economy and the job market. Its virtual nature provides accessibility and facilitates the utilization of its many features remotely and conveniently.
H.E. Dr. Mansoor Al-Awar, Chancellor of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, highlighted HBMSU’s commitment to support young visionaries in their entrepreneurial endeavours and direct them toward innovative projects that can have positive impact on the economy and society.
Dr. Shaima Al Harmoodi, Assistant Professor, School of Business and Quality Management, HBMSU, said: “Empowering young talents has always been a priority in HBMSU’s initiatives and projects, and launching the H-preneurs platform is a testament to this commitment. The latest platform is an important addition to the University’s innovation-based educational model and is aligned with the School of Business and Quality Management’s objectives in terms of creating educational systems that fosters critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and motivates learners and graduates to adopt the culture of entrepreneurship. H-preneurs will enhance our TQM capabilities and widen the scope of their applications, and foster among learners a mindset of innovation, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning. This integrated system sets new standards for academic excellence and quality and contributes to qualifying and supporting learners and young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas and aspirations into innovative projects.
The H-Preneurs platform will leverage the expertise of a group of mentors, experts, financial and legal advisors to provide learners with optimum entrepreneurial skills. The platform will open doors to receiving funds and providing exposure in the market along with availing services such as co-working spaces, technology support, and an open source of knowledge base services for learners aspiring to become entrepreneurs.
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