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Someone said that if you are not failing then you are not getting out of your comfort zone and not pushing the industry boundaries enough. When a person wants to bring revolution then playing safe is not an option for them. Keeping this in mind all successful entrepreneurs keep the focus steady on their vision and keep learning from their mistakes while they adapt to changes. They place all of their creative ideas into actions to make them a reality. One such young-minded entrepreneur who with his unique business ideas aims to bring a change to the B2B jewellery industry is Archit Jain, the founder of Sarafa Bazar India.
Archit Jain’s journey to bring his brainchild Sarafa Bazar India to reality was full of ups and downs but he stood determined. From the very start, the online world and business sector always enticed him. After completing his degree in B.Tech from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology he got into the corporate world. However, his love for business led him to start his own Sliver eCommerce platform which did not go as he planned. Yet Archit did not give up; he went further and joined his family business of Gold Jewellery in Saharanpur. Working there for five years helped him learn the workings of the B2B jewellery industry.
The family business that Archit Jain was part of used to purchase jewellery from Delhi. Archit thought of exploring jewellers from different cities like Mumbai and Rajkot so that they could expand their business. So he went on the internet and tried searching for them. To his surprise, there was hardly any concrete information and that is when it hit him that having a platform which has all the wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers in one place was the need for the hour. Just having the idea was not enough and additionally, being a medium jeweller from a small city restricted his scope of connection in the industry all across India.
However, this did not make Archit give up, during the lockdown period he took his idea forward. Therefore, he did his research and found ways to connect manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. This led to the inception of Sarafa Bazar India, India’s biggest B2B jewellery marketplace. In less than two and a half years their mobile application has had 26,500+ downloads. Also in the last 13 months, the team has participated in 10 jewellery exhibitions across India where they met thousands of jewellers.
While sharing about his journey Archit Jain says, “Initially, the journey was tough because people could not wrap their head around the fact that a company from a small town like Saharanpur can do or change anything. However, all throughout my journey, I got many customers who guided me as a mentor and helped me achieve my goals. The second roadblock we faced was that jewellers were not tech-savvy and making them trust the online world was a difficult task. So we decided to introduce the technology to jewellers gradually, as per their comfort. We designed our platform to be easy for any jeweller to use and understand. We constantly update our features with new advancements in the industry.
Our goal is to strengthen the industry’s medium and small jewellers. We have currently opened the market to allow every jeweller access to the most recent jewellery designs and the wholesaler and manufacturer’s contact information. We have only one goal for the immediate future: company growth.”
The quality that sets Sarafa Bazar India apart from the crowd is that they give opportunities to every jeweller, be it remote, tier II or tier III. Despite being an online platform, Sarafa Bazar India still works offline when it comes to finalising deals. Their ulterior motive is to bring a revolution in the ornament industry and give more power to medium and small jewellers. Sarafa Bazar India is emerging to become a one-stop solution for every requirement in the B2B jewellery industry. The aim of making the latest jewellery design available at the doorstep of every jeweller.
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