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The website is designed to help students find internships to get work experience.

The importance of a good degree is diminished without relevant work experience in today’s world. Therefore, internships have become an important way for students to stand out, gain experience, and get hands-on knowledge in their careers. Students may struggle to find relevant information regarding internships despite their significance. To help them, Horizon Worldwide was established to provide detailed and relevant information to the candidates. Being a unique website, Horizon Worldwide has assisted several candidates in finding eligible high school internships and college internships to gain work experience and personal growth.
As high school internships and college internships can be an excellent way for students to build a professional network, develop skills, improve college applications, and boost resumes, Horizon Worldwide has made finding an internship related to their field more effortless and more accessible for students. Students can easily access a master list of high school and college internships after logging in and registering. The Rewards System page allows users to redeem rewards based on the candidate’s points when adding an internship.
“Hey! My name is Sarah. I’m a freshman in college. To me, one’s environment can affect how people act, especially young people, and I believe youth development is key to bettering our future. Studies show that when people are young, they are easier to change,” says the founder of Horizon Worldwide.
Moreover, by providing a long and detailed list of internship opportunities, the website encourages candidates to get hands-on work-life balance experience, build a solid resume, and get a career boost. Apart from gaining real-life and work experience, internships help grow knowledge and determine if one is in the right career. For some students, it is a stepping-stone to bonus opportunities within the same organization, including a full-time job.
In addition, besides motivating students to start as an intern in a specific field during their high school internships and college life, Horizon Worldwide also provides comprehensive details and a guide on getting an internship. The website has proved to be thought-provoking for students, encouraging them to consider their options and discover themselves while exploring their career-related options.
To maintain the interest of its candidates, Horizon Worldwide offers high school internships and college internships across many different fields, including business marketing, computer science, politics, science, art, music, theater, and all related fields.
The website’s mission is to contribute to youth development and help them work hard and gain experiences to grow and flourish in life.
Sarah Lim further states, “Horizon Worldwide provides and encourages high school internships and college internships because I want to make young people hard-working, I want to make them want to impact their communities, and I want to help them grow as people.”
For more information, click on the website horizonworldwide.org.
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