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Published: Oct 6, 2022, 1:00pm
Setmore is a free appointment-scheduling platform that enables you to accept bookings 24/7, accept payments and send out reminders to customers about upcoming appointments. You can list your services and availability on your customized Setmore appointment booking URL page and drive traffic to it by integrating a “Book Now” button on your website as well as social media pages.
In this article, we will discuss the various features of Setmore that make it suitable for your business. We will also cover its pricing plans and features, and give you a glimpse of its clean and intuitive interface.
Setmore has an attractive free plan that is highly cost-effective for businesses with small teams and has enough features to get you started. It made it to Forbes Advisor’s list of best scheduling apps as the top option for unlimited appointments. It also offers paid plans for businesses with more specialized requirements.
Setmore software offers three plans for its users:
Setmore provides 24/7 email and in-app support for all plans. The real difference in features, when it comes to Premium and Pro plans, is that Pro is geared towards larger teams. Pro is also HIPAA compliant and you get the option of a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA).
When you sign up for Setmore, you get a customized booking page with a unique URL. You can accept unlimited appointments every month, though recurring appointments are available only for Premium and Pro plans.
If you have a free plan, you can only integrate with Square for payment processing. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you have the option of Stripe and PayPal as well.
When customers book appointments, Teleport video meetings are automatically created. If you have a paid plan, you can also integrate and use Zoom for setting up automated meetings.
Besides payments and video meeting app integrations, all plans include:
You can send email reminders to minimize no-shows. The free plan limits you to 100 email reminders per month, but there is no limit on the paid plans. Paid plans also include SMS reminders.
Setmore enables you to manage all your customer bookings through a single interface. Customers can self-book your services online 24/7 via your website or social media pages. Since Setmore does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing all the back-end processes of scheduling appointments, you can focus on growing your business.
Setmore’s free plan has all the necessary features to get you started and grow. Many features in its free plan are available as part of paid plans in other appointment scheduling software.
Besides its feature-rich free plan, here are some other benefits of Setmore:
Setmore has excellent features for both paid and free plans but it has its own limitations too:
The Setmore app is very easy to set up and get started. When you sign up, a welcome window opens.
What Is Setmore Software?
The window guides you through the initial setup where you fill in information about yourself, your business, the services you provide and your business hours. You can set your primary time zone and billing currency too.
On the final screen of the welcome window, you get the option to claim your “Book Now” button.
What Is Setmore Software?
When you click on the “Get my booking button” link, you are taken to the button configuration page. After selecting your customizations, copy the HTML code provided and paste it on your website or social media pages. If someone else takes care of your web design, you can send the code directly to their inbox.
Once Setmore has all the information, it prepares your dashboard. But the first time, you are taken to the Apps and Integrations page so that you can set up the necessary integrations. You can also check out your booking appointments page and customize it using the “Configure” button.
What Is Setmore Software?
Setmore has its own calendar but you can also integrate it with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365. You can also add customer information manually or import existing customers’ details via Google Contacts. Or, integrate it with your project management app or CRM software for further automation.
If you are a small business looking for a cost-effective but feature-rich scheduling platform, Setmore is perfect for you. Its free plan is sufficient to test the waters and you can opt for paid plans once your business grows. However, if you are looking for full customization, complete with brand colors and layouts consistent with your other online assets, you might have to look elsewhere.
Setmore is a free appointment scheduling platform that enables you to accept appointments 24/7, irrespective of the time zone your customer is in. The process is fully automated with payment acceptance, reminders and integration with other business apps.
Setmore’s free plan is forever free for up to four users and includes 40-plus integrations, downloadable apps for both businesses and their customers, push notifications and email reminders before the appointment.
Setmore encrypts all credit card information using secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. It gives a list of all the third parties with whom it shares information as well as other privacy and security details on its privacy web page.
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