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McGraw Hill is creating an app that mixes elements of TikTok with textbooks.
Stock markets are all over the map due to a historic degree of ongoing volatility rarely seen at this caliber. A new $2 billion enclosed stadium is headed to Nashville, priming the city as a future Super Bowl host contender. Plus, get ready to talk with your financial or tax advisor about effectively lowering your tax liability.
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Continental Resources accepted oil tycoon Harold Hamm’s $4.3 billion bid to acquire the 58 million shares of the company that he and his five daughters don’t already own. Privatizing means assuming obligation for some $9 billion in debt, which could end up knocking him down the Forbes billionaire ranking, where he currently sits at No. 57 alongside his family.
The Tennessee Titans struck a deal with Nashville Mayor John Cooper to build a new 1.7 million-square-foot, $2 billion-plus domed stadium that would enable the city to host a Super Bowl, concerts and other major events. It marks a huge win for Tennessee Titans controlling shareholder Amy Adams Strunk, who is worth $1.6 billion from her 50% stake in the Titans and is one of a growing number of women who own NFL teams.
The fate of Kanye West’s career is in the hands of his fans, crisis communications experts say, noting that even as the rapper’s controversial outbursts mount—like spreading false information about the death of George Floyd and wearing a shirt with the words “White Lives Matter” on it—his fanbase has yet to pull its support. Only when that disappears will it be a “career killer” for the billionaire.
Documents show The Trump Organization charged the Secret Service as much as $1,185 per night to stay at the former president’s hotels in Washington, D.C.—more than five times the government recommended rate for the city. The House Oversight Committee argued the high prices may have yielded a “taxpayer-funded windfall” for the president’s “struggling businesses,” applying toward at least $1.4 million in U.S. taxpayer funds the Secret Service spent to protect Trump and his family at his properties.
President Joe Biden doesn’t plan to meet with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at November’s Group of Twenty Summit after warning the country would face “consequences” for coordinating with Russia and other energy producers to cut oil production. He plans to hold off on making potential changes to U.S.-Saudi relations until Congress returns from recess.
Peloton fans who shelled out for the upscale home exercise equipment during Covid-19 lockdown likely never thought they’d fear whether the company would be around long enough to justify their pricey purchases, but those fears are taking root as Peloton’s layoffs and billions in financial losses mount.
Students Viewed This Type Of TikTok 412 Billion Times—And It’s Not Porn
While #LearnOnTikTok goes viral, so too does misinformation. McGraw Hill is fighting back with its own app that looks like a “textbook and TikTok had a baby.”
A Georgia inmate stealing $11 million from the bank account of California billionaire Sidney Kimmel. Scammers using a deepfake to impersonate Elon Musk and falsely netting $2 million via cryptocurrency schemes. Not to mention the con artists masquerading among us à la “Tinder Swindler” Simon Leviev and fellow Netflix series subject Anna Sorokin. It all goes to show: fraudsters can make a lot of money by play-acting as billionaires.

Seth Rogen Shares The Secret To Growing His Cannabis Brand Houseplant
Seth Rogen, who starred in stoner-favorite flick Pineapple Express, cofounded Houseplant, which sells high-end cannabis and smoking accessories, alongside Evan Goldberg and Michael Mohr in 2019. The brand’s ethos centers around Rogen’s high-achieving success while also being a person who consistently smokes weed. The celebrity shares with Forbes how Houseplant’s cannabis and Housegoods businesses each generated revenue under $10 million in 2021, and why it expects to do the same this year.
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