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This time we’re in Portugal and the Azores with a filmmaker for for whom surfing is a passion like no other. After that we join a group of young Scandinavians on the remote beaches of Norway who have turned their love of surfing into a short film called “A Girl’s Thing.”
Credit Suisse’s Loan Portfolios Attract Japan’s Biggest Lender, Sources Say
Amazon Starts Online Home Insurance Store for UK Customers
TikTok Security Deal Is Likely to Leave US Data Leaking to China
The WHO Says Physical Inactivity Is Costing Us $27 Billion a Year
Hyundai Lobbies US to Ease EV Rule That Hurts Foreign Carmakers
TikTok Security Deal Is Likely to Leave US Data Leaking to China
Abortion Pill Startups Face Challenges Raising Cash—Even Post-Roe
Kakao Co-CEO Resigns After Outage That Hit Millions Caused Chaos
China to Remain a Key Trade Partner for Australia, Official Says
US Official Sees More Aggressive Cybersecurity Threats in Asia
Julian Robertson’s Family to Sell New Zealand Winery Business
Dubai’s Luxury Property Market Is Cashing in on the Global Slowdown
Yankees Beat Guardians, 5-1, Setting Up Rematch Against Astros
Yankees LF Hicks Hurts Knee in Collision, Exits ALDS Finale
Begging Markets to Capitulate, the Better to Rebound
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Jeremy Hunt
France’s Casino Must Spin the Wheel of Debt Again
Ukrainians Return Home by the Millions Even as War Rages On
Mark Zuckerberg Isn’t Saying Much About Facebook These Days
AT&T Is Counting on Government Stimulus Dollars to Help Fund Its Broadband Future
Trader Joe’s Illegally Fired Activist in New York, Union’s Complaint Says
Luxury NYC Condo Tenants on Trash Duty After Tribeca High-Rise Strike
Spain Edges Forward With Framework Rules for Green Hydrogen Hub
China’s Underground Market for Chips Draws Desperate Automakers
Overwhelmed by 20,000 Migrants, NYC Opens First Tent Shelters
NYC’s Plan to Close Rikers Behind Schedule In Dispute Over Design Changes
Lessons from Canada’s Drug Decriminalization
The Once-Hot Market for Metaverse Land Is Attracting Risky Bets
Finding Opportunities in the Distress of Crypto Bankruptcies
Crypto Foot Race Heats Up as Ex-Meta Staff Start Blockchain
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