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She is an aspiring journalist in the process of learning and unlearning many things. Always up for discussions on everything from popular culture to politics.
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She is an aspiring journalist in the process of learning and unlearning many things. Always up for discussions on everything from popular culture to politics.
The Chai (tea) business in India is something that one can spot in each and every nook of the country. It is a space that many have ventured into due to its ease and the less capital required to set it across. Many tea sellers even go around the city carrying tea in a simple flask, and they have hundreds of takers every day.
However, a fascinating trend that many are now seeing in this business is the entry of students as tea sellers. Stories from different parts of the country have introduced us to innovative graduates and students who defied conventional career paths and decided to sell something that resonates with a good proportion of the Indian population.
Among few such people are the pan-India MBA Chai Wala, who now has a turnover of over ₹4 crores, the ‘Frustrated Dropout’ who sells tea in Bangalore with bitcoin as a mode of payment, MA English Chai Wali from West Bengal, and now a BTech Chai Wali.
Youngsters in the country have begun taking up unconventional careers rather than pursuing the traditional white-collar jobs that they are being trained for. Thinking differently, many graduates started businesses revolving around the food and beverages industry and wrote down their success stories. Today, many among them own ventures that have secured them their financial independence and have brought in praises for their out-of-the-box thinking.
One such student is Vartika from Bihar, who had come to Faridabad to pursue her engineering studies. As someone who always wanted to start something of her own, she realised that there was no point in waiting for the opportune moment to come by. In a video that was shared online, she can be seen saying, “There is no point in waiting for four years for my BTech to finish and then do a startup. There is no point in wasting time”.
Setting up the tea stall “BTech Chaiwali” under the banner that reads “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success”, she now sells varieties of tea between ₹10-20. She opens the stall near Green Field after her class hours, between 5.30 pm to 9 pm. Serving them to happy customers, she has been able to secure a source of income while she is pursuing her studies.
Talking about juggling her studies and start-up, she says that it is difficult but definitely worth it. In one of the online videos, she mentions how highly rewarding the experience is as she is working on her own terms.
Since the video of her tea stall was posted, it created quite a buzz among students as well as others who started visiting and contributing to this small-scale entrepreneur’s growth. Quite inspired by this reach, Vartika was seen saying, “This outlet should be there across India, and I should be able to cater to many more people”.
She has also placed a great deal of trust in her business and says that “I have brought along my mother’s recipe” and that people should try it out at least once. Social media users welcomed her initiative and have extended their support to the same. A few users also commented that they are hoping to see more students explore their opportunities and build upon them by taking Vartika as an example.
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