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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – The holidays are a busy time for food banks, and the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank is asking for volunteers to help with increasing demand.
“Volunteering is such an important part of what goes on during the holidays, and certainly, when you’re thinking about volunteering, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank is one of the great organizations, I think. I’m a little biased of course, but it’s a great organization to volunteer with,” said Lee Sinclair with the BRAFB.
The BRAFB says it will gladly accept any help, whether it be food, money, or time.
“Specialized volunteers can really make an impact. Specialized volunteers are folks who maybe can bring their own special line of work, whether it’s clerical or computer skills, and they can do work for us, maybe even translation, and help us to really do good work in the community,” Sinclair said.
If you are interested in volunteering for Thanksgiving, now is the time to sign up.
“Folks, especially in the food industry, like we are, are thinking about Thanksgiving already, so if you are thinking about maybe volunteering with your friends or family or co-workers, you probably want to be looking at that right now. Those slots are going to fill up fast in lots of organizations,” Sinclair said.
For more information on volunteering with the BRAFB this holiday season, here is a link.
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