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Children “have the right to know that they can love or have sex with whomever they want,” said Irene Montero, Spain’s Minister of Equality, yesterday. Never again will we have such a convenient opportunity to address the issue of indoctrination and grooming in schools, including pedophilia.
All these topics: child sexual abuse, pedophilia, indoctrination, parental rights, affective-sexual education, educational freedom… All these terms have been explained and analyzed in a new video conference ENCUENTRO Familia.Vida.Libertad organized by acTÚa FAMILIA at ACN.
Once the school year begins, our children not only have a very high probability of being indoctrinated in their schools, both public and private ones, but it is also very likely that the schools are going to “manipulate their minds and sexually educate them with strange and perverse ideas”, as stated by Irene Luque spokesperson for acTÚa FAMILIA and one of our guests at the meeting. Moreover, as things stand schools will have their door open to nothing less than “child sexual abuse”, said Salvador Martí, spokesperson for the Pin Parental Platform, in this explanatory video. But, as Irene continues, “I am the one educating my children in moral and sexual matters, and no one else.”
School indoctrination is a scourge that we suffer constantly in Europe and America, both in the United States and in the rest of the continent. It became especially evident in Andalusia a few months ago, as we explained in a meeting, because some brave parents took the step of denouncing it and exposing it. The SEDRA association did nothing less than promote abortion and “sexting” among 12-year-old children. It was on our platform acTÚa FAMILIA that we sounded the alarm and the legal team of the Christian Lawyers Foundation, who prosecuted the case, bringing it to the parliament of Andalusia on several occasions, at the request of the Vox group, and giving rise to a famous TV report at El Toro television. The report, which reflected everything that was happening, including the testimony of these parents from Malaga who decided to speak out, our friends Jorge y Nanda. They are closely linked to acTÚa FAMILIA and did not hesitate to bring the case to light when this Spanish subsidiary of Planned Parenthood entered their son’s high school and wanted to deliver sexual education to students.
You can view this important report here in full, and a summary is available here. At the start of this school year, it has even more meaning and validity, if that’s possible.
We will always denounce that mellifluous and lazy center-right, which has allowed the highest degrees of school indoctrination, overriding all parental rights. The pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, feminist and gender groups, which have become an actual pressure lobby, are gaining more and more power, and they are consolidating this power under the governments of the Popular Party. And it is there that they achieve the greatest degree of infiltration in the educational system, as a real parallel infrastructure of the educational system, opportunely irrigated with public money.
In other words, groups and persons supporting pedophilia, LGBT agenda and gender ideology walk around our children’s classrooms, while parents are completely ignorant of that.
This is why acTÚa FAMILIA and the Pin Parental Platform promote and explain these issues, clarifying what this Parental Pin consists of (available for download here), the only weapon we parents have to defend ourselves against the LGBT lobbies that have entered our children’s schools (here you can watch the video of our Pin distribution in streets, and at school doors).
One of the greatest defenders of educational freedom, the Madrid deputy of the Vox party, Alicia Rubio, has come again to ENCUENTROS Familia.Vida.Libertad, to offer us data and analysis, as well as to shed some light on that new Spanish subject called “affective-sexual education”, and all the educational reform imposed by the social-communist government. Our young friend Sady Chavez, a Spanish-Cuban mother and teacher in the USA, will also be there. She will tell us all about the indoctrination that is taking place in that country, the rainbow monopoly in some states, and the hope for freedom in others, with repercussions throughout the Latin American region. Together with them is Irene Luque, a mother, university teacher and our spokesperson for acTÚa FAMILIA Educación. Irene Montero, the Spanish minister, revealed the real purposes of this affective-sex education: intergenerational sex, which is a euphemism for pedophilia. Parents, are we going to allow this?
Pedro Mejías, father of a large family, manage of the very active group “acTÚa FAMILIA”. Professor, social activist, specialist in conservative pro-life and pro-family movements. Founding member of the “Pin Parental Platform” of Spain.
© 2022 IFN – International Family News – All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 IFN – International Family News – All Rights Reserved.
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