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Today, London International Awards (LIA), one of the world’s most prestigious Global Award Shows, continuing its tradition of a total focus on creativity is pleased to reveal its 2022 Winners from across 27 disciplines.  
Created for Creatives, LIA has the highest caliber of jurors from across the planet. All rounds of judging were done onsite in Las Vegas over nine days. Our judging process has no pre-judging. Each juror sees every piece of work in their respective Categories.  Each jury, along with their President, convened in their judging room to discuss and debate thoroughly before deciding on the Winners. This ensures that all work was judged equally through careful deliberations and robust discussions. 
The United States has again excelled, being the most awarded country at LIA 2022. After the onsite judging concluded in Las Vegas, agencies from the United States won a staggering 254 statues – 10 Grand LIAs, 59 Gold, 91 Silver and 94 Bronze Statues, as well as, 62 Finalists. Area 23, New York and L&C New York both win three Grand LIAs each. alma DDB, Miami takes home two Grand LIAs, while FCB Chicago and VIRTUE Worldwide brings home one Grand LIA each.
Moving south of the border, for the first time in the history of the Show, Mexico wins two Grand LIAs! Well done, DDB México!
Collette Douaihy, global chief creative officer at Dentsu Health and LIA Health & Wellness – Craft and Pharma & Medical – Craft Jury president, stated, “We have the “Unwearable Collection” – a phenomenal piece of craft.  This is a piece that the jury felt that it pushed craft to a new level. There are similar ideas out there in the space, but not as well-crafted to that level.” She went on to say “Little Sugar” won for Health & Wellness – Craft.  It talks about sugar being disguised in different ways. This campaign is well crafted from the copywriting to the illustration to the typography. It took several golds and this piece will probably go on a global roadshow, which talks about the importance and the diversity of the piece.”
Mark Gross, co-founder and chief creative officer at Highdive and LIA Radio & Audio and Podcast Jury President commented, “One of the pieces that stood out was from Walmart titled ‘Bedtime Stories’. It was a great tech idea, beautiful storytelling and a way to give back to the community. And it really resonated with us.”
Other firsts for the Show this year include the first Grand LIA for Honduras, a Grand LIA for Thailand and two Grand LIAs for United Arab Emirates. Ogilvy Honduras brought home the Creativity In PR Public Service/ Social Responsibility Grand LIA while Ogilvy Group Thailand was awarded the Grand in TV/Cinema. Impact BBDO Dubai did extremely well winning two Grand LIAs. Well done!
Della Sweetman, chief business development officer executive lead, global creative, strategy and planning at FleishmanHillard and Creativity in PR Jury president, commented “One of the things that we took to heart as the inaugural Creativity in PR jury is that we need to set the standard, how the craft would be evaluated not just in this instance but from here on out.  We saw some beautiful work.” On the Creativity in PR Grand LIA, she continued, “It’s just a beautiful piece of work from Honduras which was the morning-after island. It was just a great symbol of a woman taking back her reproductive rights, which was such a beautiful and poignant piece of work.” 
For Europe, Germany rises to the top of the European leader board taking home 81 Statues; a Grand LIA, 22 Gold, 26 Silver and 32 Bronze Statues. Scholz & Friends, Berlin brought home the Health & Wellness Public Service/Social Responsibility Grand LIA. 
Not to be outdone, Austria won their first Grand LIA in the inaugural Creativity in PR category. Jung von Matt DONAU, Vienna made Austria proud bringing home the first Grand LIA.
Sweden also brought home the highly sought-after Grand LIA. Congratulations go out to McCann Stockholm for bringing home the Online Film Grand LIA.
Australia was awarded a Grand LIA to add to their tally of 27 Statues; seven Gold, seven Silver and 13 Bronze. Howatson+Company was awarded the Ambient & Activation Grand LIA.
India fared well, picking up 37 Statues including a Grand LIA. The Integration Grand LIA was awarded to Ogilvy India, Mumbai.
Many emerging countries in the Eastern bloc fared extremely well.  Serbia wins an impressive three Gold Statues and a Silver; Lithuania wins its first bronze Statue.
Not to be left out, Kenya, in East Africa, wins its first Bronze Statue this year.
Barbara Levy, president of LIA, said, “This has been a very exciting year for LIA.  Not just because we are back onsite, but because we are seeing entries from emerging countries win Statues. It’s always heartening to see ideas from all over the world applauded by judges from different backgrounds and cultures across the globe.  What better affirmation is there? Kudos to everyone who has used their talent and put in the time to make their ideas push the boundaries of creativity further. You deserve the prize!”
In total, 754 LIA statues and 230 finalists were awarded to 45 countries with the United States leading with 254 wins, followed by Germany with 81, the United Kingdom with 53 and India with 37 statue winners.
Of The Year Winners will be Announced on 8th November.
To view all the Winners and Finalists with media and full creative credits, visit https://www.liaentries.com/winners
This year 21 Grand LIAs were awarded:
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