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As the company works towards goal of providing 1 million people in need with digital resources, new commitment will help close the gap by providing students and families with computers
What’s the news?
AT&T* will contribute more than $10M and the muscle of its employee volunteers to support the distribution of free laptops to students and families across the country. In total, Compudopt and Human-I-T will help provide 26,000 computers to those in need. Along with providing devices, the nonprofits will also offer digital inclusion programs and digital literacy resources.
These efforts are part of AT&T’s $2 billion commitment announced in 2021 to help address the digital divide by providing communities with the connectivity, computers, and digital skills needed for success in school and in life.
Last week, AT&T employees worked with Compudopt and Human-I-T to distribute more than 1,000 free laptops to students and families in need across the country, including in Dallas, Detroit, and Atlanta.
Why is this important?
According to the FCC, an estimated 21 million people across the U.S don’t have access to the internet, devices or skills needed to benefit from the online world, an issue known as the digital divide.
In a digital-first world, the lack of large screen devices puts many low-income families at a sizable disadvantage in their educational pursuits and in the job market. In the U.S., 41% of adults with lower incomes do not have a desktop or laptop computer.
Compudopt and Human-I-T refurbish and distribute computers to those in need. They also provide ongoing digital navigation support, tech support and digital literacy skill building for the whole family.  AT&T is contributing:
What else should I know?
AT&T’s contribution falls within its “Bridge to Possibility” campaign aimed at driving awareness of the challenges caused by the digital divide and the collective response needed to address it. Bridging the digital divide requires businesses, nonprofits and government to come together to bring high-quality connectivity to millions of people that need it most.
What are they saying?
“Through our work in the communities we serve, we’ve seen that providing digital equity is a solvable problem. It’s critical that we come together to continue to invest in initiatives that help give students and families the tools they need to access necessary resources,” said Megan Steckly, CEO of Compudopt.
"Digital equity is the gateway to unlocking one’s full potential,” said Gabe Middleton, Co-Founder and CEO of Human-I-T. “This program will support 26,000 households to get connected and stay connected. As one of the country’s leading digital inclusion practitioners, Human-I-T is proud to showcase the impact that creative collaboration and innovation can bring to communities left on the wrong side of the digital divide."
“Computers – and the skills to know how to use them – matter when it comes to bridging the digital divide,” said Mylayna Albright, assistant vice president, corporate social responsibility at AT&T. “As learning becomes increasingly digital, students without a computer at home can fall behind in school and beyond. We are proud to support these two nonprofits that are doing incredibly important work in communities across the country to get free computers into the hands of people who need them most.”
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*About Philanthropy & Social Innovation at AT&T
We’re committed to advancing education, creating opportunities, strengthening communities and improving lives. As part of our companywide $2 billion commitment from 2021 to 2023 to address the digital divide, we launched AT&T Connected Learning to invest in connectivity and technology, digital literacy and education solutions to help today’s learners succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Since 2008, we’ve committed to programs that help millions of students across all 50 states and around the world, particularly those in underserved communities.
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Connectivity is our purpose and passion, and our employees are an important part in helping us close the digital divide.
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