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According to cutting-edge research conducted by UN Environment Programme (UNEP), it is estimated that 10% of annual global carbon emissions hail from the fashion industry. Emissions of hazardous greenhouse gases caused by manufacturing machines and equipment are making a stronger impact as mass production becomes commonplace. 
Auras Fair & Style is spearheading the sustainable fashion revolution: this Switzerland-based company is committed to delivering premium quality products made from environmentally-friendly materials and ultimately proving that fashion and style do not need to make a carbon footprint. 
As a premier European retailer of top-of-the-line thighs, vegan bags, eco-friendly scarfs, and “green” clothing for both men and women, Auras Fair & Style has made a significant impact among thousands of sustainable fashion fans and enthusiasts. 
The company was founded in 2009 with a mission to curb the carbon emissions associated with fashion industry manufacturers. Recently, Auras Fair & Style went through several major changes: the brand embraced digital transformation and is now capable of serving its massive client base online. 

As the first sustainable fashion company in Switzerland, Auras Fair & Style evolved into a leading fair fashion online shop, enabling its customers to conveniently browse its catalog remotely, wherever they may be. 
Aside from retailing fashion products from some of the biggest names in the sustainable fashion industry, Auras now offers a selection of proprietary products online as well. 
Regarding this important milestone, Auras Fair & Style’s spokesperson imparted that this change was inspired by the need for an improved, more relaxed, and more convenient customer interaction and experience, stating the following:
“Everything changes every second, and so the past year has also brought changes at Auras. We work with love to create a pleasant and relaxing shopping atmosphere in which everyone can take the time to find their favorite clothes,” said the company’s spokesperson. 
Fans and lovers of Patagonia eco-friendly clothing articles will find their needs catered to by Auras Fair & Style. The company offers a host of exquisite beanies, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, vests, and clothing accessories from Patagonia, one of the longest-standing Ventura-based clothing brands in the Western hemisphere.  
One of the most recent additions to the Auras Fair & Style Patagonia Online Shop series is the acclaimed Retro-X Fleece Jacket. Merely months after its launch, this gorgeous jacket became an instant consumer favorite, enabling the wearer to enjoy cozy winter strolls and commutes in style. Made of ethically-sourced polyester fleece, this Fair Trade Certified™ jacket is among the best fair fashion products in the company’s catalog of sustainable fashion products. 

More information about Auras Fair & Style is available on the company’s official website
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