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There’s also the concern that time spent in front of the screen would be better spent outside playing or reading. We’ve got a site for that!
The Best Websites for kids. Some children are online before they are born, owing to parents who set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for them before they were born. However, once your children have access to a computer, it’s natural to want to protect them from sites that bully children more quickly than schoolyard bullies or those that include hidden predators.
There’s also the concern that time spent in front of the screen would be better spent outside playing or reading. We’ve got a site for that! Whether you’re searching for something to help your child with math, give them some extra grammar work, or just want to learn more about the planets or cells, we’ve got a site for that!
Are you ready to have a look at a few of them for yourself? Today, we’ve compiled a list of of our favorite educational and interesting websites for kids, in the hopes that you and your students may love them as much as we have. We’ll discuss some of the Best Websites for kids in this article.
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Inquire with your child’s instructor about Raz-Kids. If not, you should consider purchasing a subscription for yourself. This is an award-winning website that provides children with comprehensive graded reading tools. Hundreds of eBooks are available at 29 different reading levels. Children use an interactive learning portal to access the books online, which keeps them motivated and interested.
Each eBook is available in both online and mobile formats, so children can listen to it, read it at their leisure, and record their own reading. After reading ten or more levels of eBooks and passing each of the accompanying eQuizzes, the child moves on to the next reading level, where they can read longer and more difficult texts.
In the United States, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) airs many of its children’s programs under the name PBS Kids. Some public television children’s programs are neither produced by PBS-affiliated stations nor broadcast by PBS, but are instead referred to as “PBS Kids” programs by independent public television distributors such as American Public Television. PBS Kids is also the name of a separate network that existed in two iterations during the digital television era: one from 1999 to 2005 and the most recent edition, which debuted in January 2017.
Starfall is a fantastic website that uses engaging learning games, stories, and printables to help children improve numeracy, early literacy, and problem-solving skills. The site is set up so that parents can sit and explore with their children, or children can browse on their own. The site was created about two decades ago with the goal of providing free and low-cost educational opportunities for children.
Since it was launched, this site has become a go-to resource for thousands of teachers and parents. It is known for its vibrant graphics, catchy music and characters, and engaging learning activities, as well as its comprehensive reading and arithmetic courses. Starfall is a fantastic phonics-based program that evolves with the child’s attitude and confidence.
Yahoo! Kids was a customized version of the Yahoo! website focused on educational and child-friendly material. It was formerly known as Yahooligans! The site was launched in 1996, but Yahoo! decided to focus on other projects. In 2013, Yahoo! Kids and other Yahoo! programs were shut down.
This children’s website focuses on improving letter and number recognition. There are also games to help children learn about the calendar, computers and flags of different countries. There are different sections for children of various grades.
This is a veritable treasure trove of high-quality educational games covering a wide range of topics and genres. Whatever technology you have, you are almost certain to find a method of using it to teach and improve your children. Content is organized in a variety of ways, making it easy to navigate and find a particular problem or topic to practice on.
GoNoodle works best when displayed on an interactive whiteboard visible to the whole class. Teachers select a game and then guide students through introductions, warm-up routines, and the game. Teachers can perform several functions. They can participate in the breathing game with students. They are in charge of evaluating class performance and promoting the representative runner to the running game in the running game.
A tally in the dashboard section keeps track of the minutes spent in each activity as well as the points earned and medals received, which is a good incentive for the class and a perfect way for teachers to communicate the activity summary to students. Students can also create accounts at home, which can be a fun way to maintain motivation for physical activity and mindful behaviors on weekends and vacations.
Politics and other current events are not usually considered essential when it comes to children. However, it is reasonable to make sure they are aware of global events. TIME for Kids is a project of TIME magazine that presents articles and news on politics, the environment, sports, and entertainment for children. It may not be as dynamic and entertaining as other websites, but it certainly brings the world to children in a language they can understand.
Storyline Online of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation is a children’s literacy website that offers free storytelling videos and materials for parents and teachers to help children develop a love of reading. The site has an extensive library of videos of famous actors and actresses reading new and classic picture books. The stories are brought to life with powerful voice interpretations and animated reproductions of unique images, in the spirit of Reading Rainbow, encouraging children to perceive reading as a transformative imaginative experience.
Storyline Online organizes books in alphabetical order, and each video includes author and publication information, a popular reader, and reading length, making it easy for parents and teachers to find a book that meets their interests and time constraints. In addition to the virtual book, users can purchase a physical copy. is a one-stop shop for parents and educators to support children in their learning journey. It is part of the IXL Group and provides a comprehensive learning platform for children. It is a veritable treasure trove of educational treasures, with over 800 core skills (plus information on additional topics) and curated, curriculum-focused activities and tools!
Many of the resources (such as downloaded worksheets, workbooks, and study packets) are free, but a premium subscription unlocks additional resources and access to a progress tracker that tracks a child’s knowledge, skills, and learning time. Brainzy, a site dedicated to preschoolers, introduces key early learning skills through fun games and music.
Since 1997, has been the leader in free educational games for children in grades one through eight. Hundreds of games, novels, comics and videos are available on Funbrain to help students improve their numeracy, reading, problem-solving and literacy skills.
Educators and parents can rely on our website to provide a fun and safe environment for their students at home and at school. Funbrain does not collect personal information from children.
Nat Geo Kids is a collection of educational games, movies and other activities for children that focus mainly on animals and the natural environment. Children can also take a virtual tour of different countries, which includes fun facts and other information. They can contribute to the site by leaving (moderated) comments, taking quizzes and sharing pictures.
With a varied assortment of activities, there is much to discover on this site based on animals and geography. The games, which feature clear instructions and numerous levels of difficulty, should appeal to younger children and often reinforce memory, logic and other skills. The videos on the site are high-quality productions and many last less than a minute, making them ideal for even the youngest children.
Crayola is an artist supplies brand, known for its crayons and manufactured by Crayola LLC. The company is based in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, in Forks Township. Crayola began as a supplier of industrial pigments, but quickly shifted its focus to art supplies for home and school use, first with chalk, then with crayons, and finally with colored pencils, markers, paints, modeling dough, and other related products.
All Crayola products are advertised as harmless and suitable for use by children. Most Crayola crayons are manufactured in the United States. Under the Portfolio Series brand, the company also produces Silly Putty and a line of professional art products. Crayola LLC claims that the Crayola brand is known in 99 percent of American households and that its products are distributed in more than 80 countries.
There is plenty for you to enjoy while playing with your children, too. If you are nostalgic for your younger days spent reading Dr. Seuss or if you read Harry Potter as an adult, spend time with your children in online worlds carefully crafted to reimagine those pages for a new audience.
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