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Jens Knappe Genesis
Jens Knappe
Jens Knappe Genesis title
Book on AI and text-to-image systems published
BERLIN, GERMANY, October 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jens Knappe runs a photo agency and has been using systems with self-learning al­gorithms, with artifi­cial intelligence, for about ten years: initially for the au­tomatic recognition and classification of the agency's image inventory and, for some time now, also such systems that independently create CGIs (computer-generated images). Therefore, he was among the first to put OpenAI's no­vel "text-to-image" system DALL E 2 through rigorous testing for possible errors, potential dan­gers and also in view of its possibilities, before it was unleashed on humanity. From the very first images the system produced, it was clear that this was a milestone of epo­chal proportions, leaving its predecessors far behind. This is undoubtedly only a snapshot in an exponential, almost explo­sive develop­ment. But an important one. Because this is where the human claim to sole represen­tation of creativity comes under pressure.
DALL E 2 is part of the most successful Large Lan­guage Model to date "GPT3" and therefore can draw on a large part of what has been published on the In­ternet as its "educational treasure". What could be more ob­vious than to feed the system with the grand narrati­ves, scientific theories, ancient and modern myths and future visions of humankind and see what comes out? GENESIS, a subjec­tively colored creation story based on human myths, was the guideline for the test pro­gram to AI: this book is a substrate of this systema­tic challenge to its "knowledge" and "creati­vity". It is a glimpse into a "black box," since while the techni­cal methods that can be used to improve the perform­ance of these self-learning neural networks which mi­mic the human brain are being discove­red with increa­sing pre­cision, one questi­on remains unanswered: Why? For what reason are they getting better? Why do the sen­tences that a chatbot spits out, lining up one word after another according to a probability calculati­on, become more and more similar to the communicati­on of a real person? So much so, in fact, that even pro­grammers and engineers in develo­ping companies with a sober, prosaic state of mind are increasingly getting the fee­ling that their computer pro­grams have gained conscious­ness and sentience.
Why do pixels generated according to just such proba­bility calculations, placed next to other pi­xels, result in an overall image that appears to be ever more cohe­rent and intelligently composed? Images that appear on the screen a few seconds after the input of a descriptive text and where one can hardly escape the impression that one is dealing with a highly intelligent and educa­ted, creative counterpart on the other side? Machine or not. This book gives an insight into the Brave New World of Artificial Creativity.
The author: Jens Knappe studied Media and American Studies in Mainz, Moscow and Berkeley. His academic work deals with such diverse topics as the media covera­ge of the German unification pro­cess, attempts to achieve thought control through language in the Soviet Union during Stalin's era, and the consequences of new technological developments. He is the author of the mono­graphs "The Nature of Cyberspace", "The United States and German Unification" and "Berlin Repu­blic. Capital as a Stage". Jens Knappe runs a photo agency in Berlin.
Jens Knappe: Genesis. A Creation Story in Collaboration With an Artificial Intelligence, Gamut Verlag, Berlin 2022.
ISBN 978-3-940948-37-3
132 pages, 594 color images
$ 26,90
ISBN 978-3-940948-38-0
$ 9,90
Melanie Weilar
Gamut Verlag Germany
+49 30 44719362
email us here
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