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A concept for an app to connect homeowners who have chores to do with college students seeking flexible employment was chosen as the winner of Startup 48, Eau Claire’s annual business jumpstart competition. 
The competition, held Oct. 14-16 at WIN Technologies, begins with teams making 60-second pitches about their business ideas. The 37 participants then formed five teams based on these pitches, and worked to create viable business models that solved identifiable problems. According to a media release from the organizers, “Local entrepreneurs and industry experts act as mentors throughout the weekend to assist and re-direct teams when needed, all with the goal to cultivate new business ideas and leaders in the Eau Claire area.” 
The winning team, UCo, “aims to connect workers with jobs that can be completed to fit into the students’ schedules.” While the business is a concept now, the team hopes to bring it to market soon. The UCo team will receive a price package that includes office space and an array of consulting services, such as finance, intellectual property protection, and marketing. The team qualified to advance to the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament, a statewide pitch competition with prizes of up to $25,000 in startup capital. 
The community partners that made the event possible included WIN Technology, JAMF, UW-Eau Claire’s Entrepreneur Program, Prevail Bank, Chippewa Valley Developers Group, and the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation.
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