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The Taj Mahal is pictured during a partial solar eclipse in Agra on October 25, 2022. | Photo Credit: AFP
A partial solar eclipse began in Iceland on Tuesday, October 25 and ended off the coast of India at around 6:30 pm. It was best visible in parts of western Russia and Kazakhstan but also witnessed in several Indian cities including Chennai, Vellore, Coimbatore, Ranchi, Srinagar, and Mathura. The next partial solar eclipse will take place on August 2, 2027
A press release issued by the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre said the partial eclipse could be viewed in Chennai, but with little visibility, beginning at 5.14 p.m. and ending at 5.44 p.m. Bengaluru will witness the solar eclipse for about 45 minutes. Only 10% of the eclipse will be visible between 5.12 pm to 5.49 pm.
While in certain parts of Russia and Kazakhstan the visibility was to be 80%, the partial eclipse was also visible in most parts of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. The solar eclipse was a partial one, visible over India, except for a large area of the North-eastern States.
According to the Ministry of Earth Science, the obscuration of the sun by the moon was between 40% and 50% at the time of the maximum eclipse in north-western parts of the country while in other parts of the country, the percentage was lesser.
The Ministry said that eclipsed sun should not be viewed with the naked eye, even for a very short time. “It will cause permanent damage to the eyes, leading to blindness even when the moon covers most portions of the sun.”
Here are the images from the eclipse on Tuesday:
#PartialSolarEclipse | Glimpses of the eclipse at #Vellore on Tuesday.

📸: C. Venkatachalapathy /The Hindu
Partial #SolarEclipse as seen at #Ooty / #Udhagamandalam town in the #Nilgiris district on Tuesday evening.

📸: M. Sathyamoorthy / The Hindu
Man looks at eclipse in Mathura through exposed x-ray film. (see below)
People gather to witness the eclipse in Baghdad, Iraq.
Young astronomy enthusiasts watching eclipse in Kosovo estate in Southeast Europe
The Odisha Government had declared a public holiday on Tuesday on account of a solar eclipse. All government offices, schools, colleges, educational institutions, courts, banks and other financial institutions remained closed on October 25.- PTI
The partial solar eclipse is being witnessed in Patna, Bihar on Tuesday evening. A partial solar eclipse was last witnessed on June 21, 2020, and the next eclipse will take place on August 2, 2027.
A safe technique of observing the solar eclipse is either by using a proper filter like aluminized Mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14 or by making the sun’s projection on a white board by telescope. – PTI
Partial solar eclipse as witnessed in Jammu (pic 1) and Amritsar (pic 2)
Jammu and Kashmir and Amritsar, Punjab, witness the partial solar eclipse. Srinagar will witness the maximum obscuration of the solar disc at 55 per cent. The first contact, where the moon starts to cover the solar disc, happened at 4:29 pm in Delhi, where the moon was expected to cover 43 per cent of the solar disc.- PTI
The partial solar eclipse is pictured in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, on October 25, 2022.
The Bhramarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple doors in the Srisailam town in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool were closed at 6 a.m. on Tuesday in view of the Solar Eclipse. In Hinduism, the ritualistic programs of worship are stopped during solar and lunar eclipses.
The doors of the Kedarnath and Badrinath temples, as well as several other temples in Haridwar and elsewhere, will remain closed in view of the partial solar eclipse.

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