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As we celebrate this cornerstone of Women’s History Month, here are four essential tops for standing out in a wide-open entrepreneurial world.
The onset of March in the U.S. also means the arrival of ‘s History Month, highlighted by today’s . And just as flowers begin to bloom and sunlight makes its way out from behind thick, wintry clouds, women entrepreneurs continue to blossom in business.
Antiquated thinking about men maintaining busy careers while women remain in the home has finally evolved. Both men and women are equally capable with the right tools in hand, and women role models abound in every industry, from technology and finance to retail and media.
The best thing to do if you’re beginning to enter the entrepreneurial world (or have hit a plateau and need a change in direction) is to gather as much information and guidance as you can from successful women entrepreneurs who have proven our unlimited potential. Here are four tips to keep in mind.
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If you’u’re first trying to get your business off the ground, there is much to learn. However, your intuition is already there and strong, so trust it! The biggest mistake is to second-guess yourself too frequently and lack confidence in what you feel is the right move for your business. Learn how to channel and have faith in your gut and what it’s telling you to do.
Rejection is part of any job — especially if you’re a woman entrepreneur, starting from scratch on her own and lack resources and credibility as you seek opportunities for growth and build your network. However, don’t let obstacles or negativity discourage you. Focus on how to use rejection as motivation to keep trying and to prove them wrong. A shift in mindset and attitude is all you need to turn setbacks into success.
Stay strong during negotiations, and don’t let others intimidate you to the point where you end up compromising and stunting business growth. Being a woman is is not a weakness, so remember how strong you truly are when faced with someone who’s stubborn and stuck in the past. Keep your integrity and go after what you want, rather than acquiescing to others’ requests. If they don’t serve you and believe in your business, you don’t want them as a partner.
Mindset matters in finding, creating and seizing opportunities as a woman entrepreneur, since attitude means everything in building your resume and making a name for yourself. Know your worth and let it push you forward. Don’t settle!
The idea of the unknown can be scary, especially for an aspiring woman entrepreneur with little experience but big dreams and goals. However, creating and maintaining a successful business requires taking risks. Don’t let fear of failure cause stagnation and stop you from pursuing your goals and thinking big in how much you can accomplish and to what heights you can take your business in the future.
Successful women entrepreneurs didn’t get to the top by playing it safe and staying comfortable. Act on your ambitions and be open to taking risks if you think they’ll pay off or provide value. Here is where that sense of intuition can make a difference in deciding which risks are worth taking and how to navigate the process.
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Overall, your mindset, business strategy and dedication will determine growth and dominance — whether you’re a woman or a man. Let these business-savvy tips, along with your inner strength and confidence, lead you to new pursuits and successes as a woman entrepreneur with unlimited potential.
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