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(KWQC) – TV6 reached out to candidates with a list of questions to help voters make an informed decision in the Nov. 8 elections.
These are the full, unedited responses from the candidates. TV6 will post the answers on the Decision 2022 page.
TV6 does not endorse any candidates. We will continue to add more candidates’ answers as we receive them.
My top three priorities if elected are:
1. Education. It is imperative that we have a safe, strong, and excellent public school system where personal agendas are not taught, such as Critical Race Theory, and sexualization at too early of an age. Parents should have a say in their children’s education.
2. Medical freedom. Everyone should have the freedom to choose if you want to wear a mask or be vaccinated. No one should be forced or mandated to take an experimental drug, to keep their job, stay in the military, travel, eat in a restaurant, or any other constitutional right we have.
3. Protect women and the pre-born. Science proves life begins at conception, so we must protect the most vulnerable of all. We must also offer women a better solution than, abusing her and killing her own child.
I do not believe our tax dollars should go to relieve student loan debt. Many people are struggling to make ends meet in this inflated economy. My heart breaks to see the debt our young people have. We must always consider the cost before we make decisions. Others have sacrificed to pay their student debt. Some solutions to consider are colleges could cut tuition costs to make education more affordable, and lending institutions could provide lower interest rates on their student loans.
The housing market is starting to come down and correct itself. I am always for less government and a free market. One of the ways we can make housing more affordable is by reducing property taxes. Last session Iowa legislators cut income tax, so in the next 5 years it will be reduced to 3.9 %. They also eliminated retirement taxes on pensions and retirement funds. Property taxes could be reformed in next year’s session.
Global warming is not as high a priority as the soaring prices at the gas pumps, shortages and unaffordable prices in the grocery stores, supply chain issues, and many other pressing concerns for Iowa families today. Yes, we need to take care of our State and our planet by not polluting our water ways, soils, and air. We need to pick up litter, recycle, plant more vegetation, and be mindful of how we care for our environment.
Our State and U.S. Constitution does not grant a RIGHT to an abortion, in fact our Declaration states, “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Abortion kills an innocent child, and harms, and abuses a vulnerable woman. Currently Iowa law allows abortion up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the overturning of Roe did not change that. I hope for the day Iowa will protect every woman and child, and value all human life, from the womb to the tomb.
Much of what should be done to combat inflation needs to happen at the federal level. We need to re-open the Keystone pipeline and once again become energy independent. We need to close our southern borders and stop spending taxpayer dollars on illegal immigrants. We need to allow immigrants to be vetted properly and come through our borders legally so they will be an asset to our country and economy. We need to stop funding unnecessary political projects and agendas, like Planned Parenthood who receives over $500 million a year of our tax dollars.
On the state level we can continue to be responsible with taxpayer money, cutting taxes so Iowans can keep more of their own hard-earned income.
Why are we always concerned with the very minimum we can pay people? Let us remove unnecessary government restrictions so companies can pay and reward their employees respectively. We have many employers in Iowa who pay well above minimum wage, that are having difficulty hiring and keeping employees. There are “Hiring Now” signs everywhere, and many of those jobs pay above minimum wage. So, what is the real issue? We need to talk to employers and the unemployed and get people back to work.
I am for limited Government, a free marketplace, and supply and demand. Legislators job is to limit government and remove hinderances to let the people pursue their goals and dreams. The more freedoms people have, the more creative, innovative, and healthy people are.
We have a responsibility and duty to protect, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders; and support those who protect, serve, and sacrifice their lives for the people and homes of Iowan’s.
I do not think the level of criticism and abuse is justified toward law enforcement. We should NOT defund the police. There will always be bad employees in any field of employment, whether it be teachers, nurses, doctors, welders, etc., but there is a training and disciplinary process that should be followed in every one of those fields. There should always be accountability in every job. Our law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders risk their life every time they respond to a call, so we need to support and defend them.
The #1 public safety issue in Iowa today is staffing of law enforcement. When there are not adequate police officers on duty, crime rises. Police Chief Tupper, of Marshalltown, IA said, “Recruitment and retention of police officers is the #1 public safety concern, not just in our community but in every community in the United States.” As I am knocking doors in the 81st District, people are concerned about crime in their neighborhood. Citizens are worried about break-ins, car thefts, drugs, and drug activity on their streets.
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