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October 25, 2022
Today, the Honourable John G. Abbott, Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development announced the implementation of a new Basic Income Program for youth receiving residential services through the department’s voluntary Youth Services Program.
Approximately 300 of the department’s youth clients, who are between the ages of 16 and 21 and receive residential services, are currently provided with financial and other supports. Effective January 1, 2023, these youth are eligible to receive increased financial benefits and additional supports to help them engage in or transition to the workforce and/or an education program. This new targeted program will:
Minister Abbott was joined by Rick Kelly, Executive Director, Waypoints and other community partners to make the announcement.
This innovative initiative is aligned with Health Accord Newfoundland and Labrador’s recommendation to create ways to improve the social determinants of health in the province. The implementation of this targeted Basic Income Program will help to further empower vulnerable youth to successfully transition to adulthood.
“While poverty has always been complex and multidimensional, I recognize these are challenging times that are deeply impacting individuals and families, especially those living in poverty throughout the province. Given income is obviously a critical factor for social and economic well-being, I am pleased to implement a new targeted Basic Income Program for youth receiving residential services beginning this January. This additional support will help young people to positively transition for a successful future while promoting their independence.”
Honourable John G. Abbott
Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development
“Waypoints is extremely pleased that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador will be providing additional financial and wrap around supports for young people availing of residential services under the Department’s voluntary Youth Services Program. This is a very challenging time in our economy and the extra support for the young people will certainly make a difference for their standard of living by increasing their financial security and assisting them as they transition into adulthood.”
Rick Kelly
Executive Director, Waypoints
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