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Who doesn’t love investments? If you have got an idea, a business plan, you got to be in Shark Tank India. As the show is nearing its end of Season 1, lets take a step back and look at, how it all started.
The show airs on Sony TV and SonyLIV every Monday to Friday at 09:00PM IST and can be watched any time on SonyLIV in case you missed any episode.
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The show started with the concept of Sharks (Investors) and Pitchers (Entrepreneurs) who come with their business ideas to seek investments. Lets take a look at the Sharks first,
The above Sharks came into the Season 1 of Shark Tank India with a specific goal and a lot to offer to the budding entrepreneurs. Their suggestions and recommendations right from the first episode were appreciated by the pitchers and audience alike (almost all of them 😉 ). Lets see the list of entrepreneurs on the show this season.
We have ensured that you get the full information through the table below hence you would have to swipe from left to right on your screen to get the complete access to the investors and who invested in which business. Also we are making sure that the list is getting updated after each episode of Shark Tank India.
Stay tuned with more updates from Season 1 and do let us know who is your favorite Shark and the business idea you loved the most.
there was a company that put cameras in caps and helmets. What’s that company called?
Altor was the name of the company where Sharks Aman and Namita invested. Let me know if you need more details.
Is there any place/list where we also have contacts or atleast website URls for all/most of these contestant or their businesses
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