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A file photo of a madrasa.
Karnataka Government seems to have done a U-turn on its announcement of conducting a survey of all madrasas in the State on the lines of a similar exercise taken up by the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. 
On August 24, Minister for School Education and Literacy B. C. Nagesh had directed officials to conduct a survey of all madrasas within a fortnight and had announced plans to constitute Madrasa Education Board. Two months later, no such survey has been conducted and plans to constitute a board have not taken off. 
There are over 600 registered madrasas in the State, functioning under the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf. Madrasas are independent institutions. According to officials, the Department of School Education and Literacy has no jurisdiction over madrasas to conduct such a survey and to constitute a Madrasa Education Board. 
Instead, the department is now conducting a survey of Arabic schools in Karnataka, which function under their jurisdiction. There are 203 aided and unaided schools, pre-university colleges in the State, mostly in north Karnataka and the coastal districts. They teach Arabic as one of the subjects.
Mr. Nagesh told The Hindu that Arabic schools in Karnataka are not teaching subjects like science, mathematics and English. The survey would help them fix this issue.
On madrasas, he said, “I will soon call a meeting with Karnataka State Board of Auqaf to discuss the teaching curriculum in madrasas. We propose to take over the academic activities of madrasas to our department,” he said. 
“Children who go to madrasas are not getting formal education. Several parents have demanded that subjects like science and mathematics be taught in madrasas. After receiving religious education in madrasas, there is a rule that students must attend nearby schools for formal education in science and mathematics. However, there is no clear and accurate information about the extent to which this is being followed,” Mr. Nagesh said explaining the rationale behind the survey and the proposal to constitute a Madrasa Education Board. 
Muslim clerics welcome a survey of madrasas.
“Madrasas are religious institutions. We are teaching Quran and basic Islamic education. But most madrasas also have a maktab, which is a school teaching Arabic and other subjects like mathematics, science, English and even computers. So, it is misleading to say students studying in madrasas are not being taught these subjects,” a cleric said. “We are waiting for officials to visit madrasas and see for themselves what is being taught,” he added.

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