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GITEX GLOBAL (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is one of the biggest and a highly influential technology conferences happening since 1981. GITEX 2022 was a five-day event (October 10th-14th) at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. It was attended by 4,000 exhibitors, 1,000 speakers, 1,200 companies, and government agencies with 280 hours of on-stage events. TDeFi, a leading crypto incubator and  advisory firm, was a key participant at GITEX Dubai 2022.
TDeFi set up its own pavilion at GITEX from October 10th-13th, showcasing its incubated projects, and hosting enlightening talk shows. The TDeFi Pavilion at GITEX brought together blockchain industry experts, technical innovators, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts from around the globe. For four days, the TDeFi Pavilion became a site for extensive collaboration of technical knowledge, networking, and exhibiting cutting-edge technologies. TDeFi hosted investors from its network at TDeFI  Investor Lounge. More than 500 venture capitalists (VCs), and institutional and angel investors had exclusive access to the TDeFi-hosted Investor Lounge. The TDeFi Pavilion was a meeting ground for blockchain first-movers, technology experts, and policymakers, to share ideas about the latest developments in the blockchain-cryptocurrency industry.
One of the major events at the GITEX 2022 TDeFi Pavilion was thought-provoking talk sessions. They included keynote speeches, panel discussions, startup pitches, round table meetings, Fireside Chat sessions, and TradeDog award ceremonies. In each session, the speakers talked about different blockchain thematics. The speakers were project founders, CEOs, and COOs of other participating companies, investment analysts, media correspondents, and strategy heads.
One popular discussion theme was the impact, adoption and future of the metaverse, and NFTs. For example, the Fireside Chat on ‘Mapping Metaverse and Gamify for the next 365 days’, between Gaurav Dubey, CEO of TDeFi, and Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands was revelatory. Yat talked about his staunch belief in NFTs as the cornerstone of digital property rights for creating entire digital economies.
Yat emphasized how Web3 will decentralize and fairly distribute ownership, with blockchain gaming and education leading the movement. He talked about NFT-based digital asset ownership becoming the next big thing as gamers will onboard millions of users in the coming years. Yat projected the metaverse to become an all-encompassing economy for teachers, content creators and gamers, benefiting from NFT-based capital generation.
The experts also discussed the challenges of venture capitalists, recruitment procedures in the Web3 ecosystem, and the path towards mass crypto adoption. They were followed by discussions on the decentralization movement, and the relationship of crypto with media and sports.  As a host nation, a few sessions focussed specifically on the growth of crypto usage and blockchain investments in the UAE.
Some sessions delved deep into the regulatory framework and compliance standards for crypto platforms. The experts also talked about smart contract security, creator economy, Web3 Play-to-Earn gaming, and the possibility of the next crypto bull run. Additionally, TDeFi organized BizThon 2.0, a hackathon where the finalists pitched their business ideas in front of judges for long-term support.
The following TDeFi incubated projects showcased their work and developments at GITEX Dubai 2022:
Over the years, GITEX GLOBAL has recorded more than 250,000 participants from 140+ countries to exhibit technologies, and share knowledge systems. Among those innumerable participants, TDeFi has made its mark on setting the tone and agenda for the future of blockchain-crypto technology.
The ideas and technical solutions that emerged from the GITEX TDeFi Pavilion 2022 will help crypto startups to build sustainable technologies for the future. And TDeFi will continue to incubate promising projects with their leading mentors, tokenomics advisors, regulatory support staff, and funding partners.

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