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This may get some backlash and I am totally prepared for that.
As most of us do, I spend some of my days on social media exploring what people are asking about this week, but for the last couple of weeks, I can't help but wonder why I keep seeing the same exact question being asked over and over and over.
I find it hard to believe that I am the only one who sees this and thinks "really?". So what is the question that is constantly being asked on almost every local Facebook page?
Who is hiring in Bozeman? Does anyone know of any jobs in Bozeman?
For real…the answer is dang near everyone is hiring. Literally. There are a lot of places that are basically begging for employees. Some are just happy if they get an application a couple of times a week. So why are people asking this? All they have to do is go and drive around town for 10 minutes and they could fill out numerous applications in that time.
Don't have a vehicle? Take the bus, have them drop you off downtown, and walk for half a block and there is a good chance you will see "hiring" signs all over.
So then here is my next question, are people actually hiring RIGHT NOW, or are they just trying to staff the shop for the upcoming holiday season? Who knows. I hear of people applying all over and not getting jobs. Is the pay too little, the hours too long/short?
Some places would like to actually meet the person applying, so sending an email may not get you the job, you might actually have to physically get up and go apply. I know, it's a hard concept for some.
It really shouldn't be that hard to find a job here in Bozeman or wonder if anyone is hiring. It's obvious from the shortened hours of some companies and the hiring signs on almost every block, that "yes we are hiring". Now finding a job that pays enough to cover your rent, bills, insurance, etc. may be a bit more difficult.
So to answer the question, "are there any places hiring in Bozeman", the answer is YES.


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