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UNHCR conducts registration and refugee status determination (RSD) under its mandate recorded 47,878refugeesand asylum-seekers. In September, UNHCR registered461 new asylum-seekers mainly from Myanmar.
54,811 refugees and asylum-seekers are reported to be vaccinated with gratitude to the Government of India.
UNHCR supported 171 families affected by heavy rains in Mewat, Haryana ensuring the water was pumped out of the low-lying settlements and providing humanitarian relief to the affected families including cooked food, tarpaulins and clean drinking water.
India has a long tradition of playing host to a large number of refugees. In support of the efforts by the Government of India, UNHCR has worked in India since 1951along with NGOs and authorities to assist refugees and asylum-seekers in the country. UNHCR works in close coordination with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, NITI Aayog, the United Nations Country Team.
Our 10 NGO partners in11 locations provide cash-based assistance, food, prevention and response to Gender-Based Violence, child protection, promoting peaceful co-existence between refugees and host communities, supporting access to health services, and access to education.
Recently, due to violence and instability in neighbouring countries, there has been arise in asylum-seekers approaching UNHCR India for registration and assistance. Further, the socio-economic impactof the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect refugees and asylum-seekers. The number of refugees and asylum-seekers requesting basic assistance including food, rent support and medicines, has increased.
UNHCR continues to engage with the UN Country Teams in both India and the Maldives to ensure the inclusion of refugees in the UN’s development planning.
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